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title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey)

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The NAB executive board had approved filing of a reference against Agha Siraj Durrani in assets case.
The NAB Karachi had arrested Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani from a hotel in Islamabad in February this year.
Having been closely associated with Bachon ki Duniya, an avid listener as a child, and then as part of its production team and host, Agha wishes to provide for his students a similar kind of platform.
Prof, Aijaz Qureshi said that besides writing columns, late Agha Shahabuddin actively participated in the social and academic activities and established numbers of schools under Agha Taj Muhammad Foundation aimed to promote education in the province.
Many of the people involved in the project also offered financial backing, which Agha had to consider carefully.
Agha Steel is first Pakistani company to introduce ASTM A706 Grade 60' steel for the local market which is Earth Quake resistant approved steel according to American Standards.
Agha Shahid Ali and James Merrill met at a dinner party in Arizona, where Shahid had asked to prepare a meal to meet the visiting poet.
"The survivors then decided to leave the village, but they were also rounded up by Ayip Agha. He locked them up in a depot-like place, keeping them without food and water for days.
TRIPOLI, Lebanon: Although they lived mere kilometers away from each other for much of their lives, Burhan Mousa Agha and Abir al-Kak did not meet until they were refugees in another country.
Syed Muhammad Akbar Agha said the Afghan Taliban have never invited Pakistan or Afghanistan for talks, adding that the Taliban are a reality and they do not feel a need to sit across the table with Pakistan.
ISLAMABAD: Heading the 17-member full court, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Tuesday directed Additional Attorney General KK Agha to seek instructions from Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on the appointment of judges to the Balochistan High Court (BHC).
One of these mosques is the Mosque of Murad Agha which is located in Tajura.
It is more than two decades since Agha Ji bade farewell to this ephemeral abode and a lot has changed but then there some things that never alter.
Riad Naasan Agha underlined Thursday the importance of cultural cooperation between Syria and Tunisia, showing keenness to further develop and support this cooperation since culture outlines the future.
Summary: To watch the video of the Iranian woman Neda Agha Sultan shot please go to: