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Synonyms for aggression

Synonyms for aggression

Synonyms for aggression

a disposition to behave aggressively

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a feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attack

violent action that is hostile and usually unprovoked

the act of initiating hostilities

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Since NHTSA has failed to regulate SUVs, they are most likely to be made safer by higher insurance rates and products liability lawsuits brought against the SUV manufacturers on the theory of aggressivity, much as the crashworthiness doctrine adopted in Larsen v.
Although withdrawal and truancy can be indicators of child sexual abuse, a sudden increase in aggressivity or a pattern of coming to school early and leaving late can also be warning signs of abuse (Salter, 1988; Schultz & Jones, 1983).
Other things that can be done to reduce the aggressivity of the bags include using certain folding patterns, tethering the inside of the bag, and using two-stage inflators.
She even appears, at least initially, to have pre-empted the position of interlocutor, firing questions at Stevens with some aggressivity.
The Federation Internationale de Football Associations, the world soccer body, had hoped that subjecting the game to American sports culture--hooligan free, co-ed, and saturated with commodity values--would defuse its class consciousness, and would exorcise the male aggressivity of fans whose "love" of a team functions like adulterous devotion to a mistress until late in life.
Are six years enough for my son's life?"The speakers said at the gathering that Acorda died because of the escalating aggressivity and violence against women, minorities and foreigners in our society.
Violence is mostly applied in contexts of conflict, where it may be "the organism's 'defenses' against the danger of aggressivity" (Kristeva, Revolution in Poetic Language 152) on the part of "the other." Kristeva adds that although violence is prior to any conception of gender or sexual difference, the symbolic order promotes the prejudice that violence is masculine and, by extension, that the feminine becomes antithetical to violence" (Schippers 104).
May High MMP-2 and TIMP-2 Expressions Increase or Decrease the Aggressivity of Oral Cancer?
I really had to really get upset and bring more energy for me, to move more my legs, to be a bit more aggressive on my shots, more aggressivity on every shot.
Tumor aggressivity is thought to be related with the potential of metastasis to the lymph nodes primarily to the central neck area.
At this point Bond's political or moral viewpoint does not seem to be clear with reference to boys' aggressivity, Alen's mysterious past, and most of all Scopey's equally enigmatic killing of the old man.
But Puel said: "He started the season well with good games and aggressivity."
He presents signs of irritability, skin-picking behavior, auditory command hallucinations, low tolerance, sudden mood changes and aggressivity, making use of psychiatric drugs for psychotic symptoms.
Intensive screening, false positives, and detection of previously neglected tumors may have led to overestimation of Chernobyl-associated PTC and tumor aggressivity. (23) Increases in neither anaplastic nor poorly differentiated carcinomas are found in elderly adults who underwent childhood tonsillar or thymic irradiation.
Being a pathogen that presents a great aggressivity in conditions of elevated humidity, it occasions the reduction in the foliar area and, therefore, a reduction of photosynthesis, implying in damages to production and elevated losses in the crop (Medeiros et al., 2007; Savory et al., 2010; Santos et al., 2013).