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Synonyms for aggression

Synonyms for aggression

Synonyms for aggression

a disposition to behave aggressively

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a feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attack

violent action that is hostile and usually unprovoked

the act of initiating hostilities

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At the Agricultural Research Service's Livestock Behavior Research Unit in West Lafayette, Indiana, biologist Hengwei Cheng and his colleagues are examining the use of serotonin as an alternative method to reduce aggressive behavior in birds before they hatch.
Our training provides strategies to resolve emotional hijacking and aggressive behavior.
However, it is unclear how external and intrinsic factors interact and whether previous mixing experience affects the aggressive behavior of pigs.
This result indicates that age has a significant effect on aggressive behavior.
Unfortunately, aggressive behavior can get our needs met, at least in the short term.
Low academic achievement, described as one of the strong predictors of aggression in the literature, has been related to an increased probability of displaying aggressive behavior (Orpinas & Frankowski, 2001).
Physical aggression alone is probably not an accurate reflection of males' aggressive behavior as it is not uncommon for individuals usually to engage in more than one type of aggressive behavior (Salmi valli, Kaukiainen, & Lagerspetz, 2000).
3) While initially this effect would improve mood, it results in further serotonin depletion, thereby promoting aggressive behavior.
Given that aggressive behavior is one of the top problems associated with dog ownership, investigators examined omega-3 status in aggressive but otherwise healthy adult dogs.
Aggressive behavior is also strongly correlated with greater dependence during self-care (Schreiner, 2001).
CRUSADERS against video games like to cite studies that link violent games with aggressive behavior.
Many studies show that playing violent video games increases aggressive behavior in young people.
What worries me about the Middle East is the explosive mixture of overly aggressive behavior by the United States and Israel, combined with reckless provocations by the Islamic extremists.
According to data collected by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), approximately 88,000 nursing home residents in the United States have exhibited aggressive behavior in the week prior to their assessment with the Minimum Data Set (MDS).
The form, which was developed by district staff, categorizes abuses, crimes against persons and property and other incidents, attaching codes for statistical purposes, but leaving out any opportunity for narrative that might explain circumstances or show a pattern of aggressive behavior.