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Synonyms for aggression

Synonyms for aggression

Synonyms for aggression

a disposition to behave aggressively

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a feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attack

violent action that is hostile and usually unprovoked

the act of initiating hostilities

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New Delhi [India], September 12 ( ANI ): Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Tuesday addressed the foreign diplomats at the seventh Breakfast Briefing session of the India Foundation here and said that they don't support the ideology of trolling and those who display such aggressive behaviour.
On a revision of delinquent behaviour (Redondo & Andres-Pueyo, 2007) a risk factor survey of these behaviours is carried out, and amongst them appear impulsiveness, irritability and aggressive behaviour as relevant elements in the appearance of social maladjustment.
Steve Barrett, head of car insurance at Churchill, said: "If you're confronted with aggressive behaviour on the roads, then try to continue driving calmly and don't get drawn into an instance of road rage.
Aggressive behaviour amongst groups of domesticated pigs kept at various stocking rates.
Researchers have adapted Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory (3) in an attempt at understanding the multifaceted nature of adolescents' aggressive behaviour as this explains aggressive behaviour as being the result of the interplay of risk factors at four different levels: individual, family, peer and community.
and duration of physically aggressive behaviours stems from genetic factors and is weakly related to shared environmental factors such as watching violent cartoons or witnessing domestic strife.
There was also 68 anti-social behaviour referrals in this period, 55 warning markers were placed on patients' records to warn staff about the potential risk of aggressive behaviour and 40 code of conduct letters were sent to patients about their behaviour being unacceptable.
At least 12 per cent of preschool-age children were identified as engaging in relationally aggressive behaviours in the early childhood setting.
Our study found that a good relationship with the teacher can protect genetically vulnerable children from being aggressive and, in consequence, from becoming the target of other children's aggressive behaviour.
The charity conducted a poll of more than 1,000 people which found one in two people believe those with disabilities are more likely to be the targets of abusive comments or aggressive behaviour than others.
For most cases, behaviourally disordered children are marked by motor hyperactivity and aggressive behaviour as the most common traits.
Cowell replied: "Your aggressive behaviour last night.
Fear of punishment or disapproval may cause the aggressive behaviour to be displaced against some other target, or oneself.
Social acceptance and the relationship between aggressive problem-solving strategies and aggressive behaviour in 14-year-old adolescents [Electronic version].
To examine associations of TV exposure with aggressive behaviour among three-year-olds, researchers analysed data from 3128 mothers of children born from 1998 to 2000 in 20 US cities.
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