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It is unknown what portion of this decrease can be attributed to the activities of news aggregators, as the decrease in ad revenue can also be attributed to a variety of other sources as well--for example, losses in classified advertising spurred by the development of websites such as Craigslist.
This thinking led Dan Farber, editor-in-chief of, to start using the term "aggrefilter" for model aggregators.
Apart from the online presence of insurance firms, the demand for Web-based insurance has led to the birth of insurance aggregator sites.
The effect of aggregators have been particularly challenging for the media industry, particularly among the recent downturn of advertising revenue.
The emergence of aggregators, and particularly those operated by producer associations, raises questions around the mix of variable and fixed fees that aggregators can be expected to use.
Draft regulations for insurance aggregators were issued by the central bank in April.
Insurance aggregators are intermediaries with an insurance broker's licence who operate an online platform, whether hosted on an Internet website or available as a smart device application (app) which provides price comparisons and facilitates the purchase of insurance policies from several insurance licensees.
Abdul Rahman Al Baker, executive director of financial institutions supervision, said: "The introduction of insurance aggregator rules is a first step for the CBB towards 'Insuretech', a technology led transformation of the insurance sector which is rapidly gathering momentum globally.
Watkinson is keen to emphasise that his press hasn't 'left' the aggregators. As he explains: 'Our front list is withheld from the DRM-free aggregators for three years but we are still making it available on a single-user purchase model from EBSCO and ProQuest, for example.'
KARACHI -- The Sindh government has imposed five percent sales tax, with effect from July 1, on the services rendered by Cab Aggregators, Sindh Revenue Board officials said here on Sunday.
KARACHI -- The Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) clarified on Sunday that the provincial government had imposed a sales tax of five per cent, and not 13 per cent, with effect from July 1 on services rendered by cab aggregators or ride-hailing services.
KARACHI -- The Sindh government has imposed a reduced rate of Sindh Sales Tax of five percent on the services rendered by Cab Aggregators. It is not 13 percent as is being propagated.
KARACHI -- The Sindh government has imposed a reduced rate of Sindh sales tax on the services rendered by cab aggregators, also known as ride-hailing services.
The CBE has prepared these rules driven by the pacing development in bills and service fees collecting and payment and the need for technical payment aggregators and facilitators.