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13 percent are not considering options with regard to aggregators.
The report covers the current scenario and the growth prospects of the global IT spending market by cab aggregators for the period of 2015-2019.
Unlike black and yellow (kaali peeli) taxis and radio taxis, private taxi aggregators like Uber don't have the relevant permit or licence to operate in the city.
DANGEL: It's a complicated business so a lot of people that were very good at originating online business became lead generators and lead aggregators.
As of late 2013, there were at least 17 advisor aggregators, compared with fewer than 10 in 2009, the report noted.
Finally, in Part III, I explain how extending implied license doctrine to news aggregators can benefit both aggregators and newspapers.
indicated that they continue to see aggregators as violating copyright and trademark laws and the hot news doctrine.
Out of the 24 investigated content aggregators, 17 provide SMS to TV to an average of 15 operators each, while 23 content aggregators provide info SMS to an average of 11 operators each.
In this paper, I categorize aggregators into four broad groups:
BrightShare, an online and mobile affiliate network in the interactive casino market, announced on Monday (14 May) that it is offering a new mobile programme for content aggregators via Wild Jack Mobile Casino's Play4Fun version of Classic 21 BlackJack.
I'd clarify the impression that RSS feeds are not an offering exclusive to news aggregators, indeed, many aggregators are substantial subscribers of RSS feeds themselves.
According to the announcement, Dialog now offers immediate online linking from abstracts and citations to the full text of the referenced articles in journals published by more than 115 publishers and information aggregators.
Initially, financial institutions tried to obstruct data aggregation activity, even suing aggregators to prevent so-called screen scraping, citing concerns about security and liability.
com/research/32wxfg/uk_insurance) has announced the addition of the "UK Insurance Aggregators 2012" report to their offering.