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According to the report, cab aggregators are required to maintain transparency and accountability in their billing systems.
What drove the phenomenal success of aggregators in the U.
This Comment argues that the appropriate legal framework for addressing news aggregators lies in federal courts' handling of intellectual property claims against search engines.
Typically with job aggregators the job seeker follows the link to the original listing where they must register with the source site before being able to apply to a job.
Readers rely on aggregators to help them sort through an overabundance of information online.
More content aggregators enter the mobile market in the Arab World as mobile operators increase their focus on VAS and contentThe Arab cellular markets are engendering an expanding market of mobile content and content aggregators.
These classifications are really a chronological evolution of how aggregators have developed.
Mortgage bankers--repositories of vital financial information and a trusted source for most of their customers--might take their cues from other financial institutions that have teamed with aggregators for mutual benefit.
This report analyzes the direction this maturing channel is expected to take and highlights the impact any shift will have on insurers in distribution strategies and approach to aggregators.
Detailed analysis of various factors driving the growth of online aggregators around the world, and different challenges faced by them
although the distribution share of aggregators is likely to have expanded since 2008 37
Examines the characteristics of consumers who use aggregators to research and buy consumer credit products.
Broadens Digital Media Discovery and Reach Across Multiple Formats and Devices to Podcasting Aggregators and Search Engines
While Internet insurance aggregators continue to record net losses to their earnings, the leaders among them maintain optimism that rising Web site traffic and sales suggest profit is ahead.