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an antibody that causes agglutination of a specific antigen

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Cold agglutinins usually cause panagglutination and cell group shows AB group and serum O group.
7) in which 89 adult patients who were diagnosed as having cold agglutinin disease were evaluated retrospectively, it was reported that more than 90% of the patients had a positive Coombs test with anti-C3.
The category of cold hemolysins includes 2 distinct disease entities: cold agglutinin syndrome and paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, either of which should demonstrate a DAT positive only with C3 antisera.
3,4) When history or physical exam is concerning for a systemic condition, preliminary work-up should include complete blood count, peripheral blood smear, serum protein electrophoresis, cold agglutinins, and antinuclear antibody.
Investigation for background prevalence of Brucella agglutinins among blood donors.
Kit dosage, id-nacl / enzyme, enzymatic test and cold agglutinins in card with 6 microtubes containing gel in saline to reverse grouping of the abo system.
In addition, bacteria can be identified by using samples that contain agglutinins to specific bacteria.
Blood banks employ warm saline washes to remove the circulating antibody that coats the RBCs when cross-matching blood for patients with cold agglutinins.
This should be contrasted with cold agglutinins which cause agglutination of RBCs.
All patients received antibiotic therapy, until the serum agglutinins decreased to normal levels.
5% turkey red blood cells, 4 hemagglutinating units of virus, and sera treated with receptor- destroying enzyme, followed by adsorption with red blood cells if the serum sample contained nonspecific agglutinins.
A group of agglutinins capable of binding to bacterial LPS was isolated and characterized in crawfish, Pacifastacus leniusculus (KOPACEK et al.