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Synonyms for agglomerate

to bring together so as to increase in mass or number

Synonyms for agglomerate

volcanic rock consisting of large fragments fused together

Related Words

form into one cluster

clustered together but not coherent

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proposing a new methodology for the identification of agglomerations avoiding excessive cost,
The lack of treatment in these agglomerations means that the health of residents is being put at risk, as untreated waste water can be contaminated with harmful bacteria and viruses.
Selection of a contractor to provide technical assistance to the piu for the organization and management of the project "collection, purification and disposal of treated waste water from agglomerations nessebar - sunny beach ravda, ~environment 2007 - 2013" - the provision of consulting services associated with providing professional support to the management and implementation of the project 51011116-68-152 the collection, treatment and disposal of treated waste water from agglomerations nessebar - sunny beach ravda, in particular regarding:
Industrial agglomerations are concentration of economic activities which exhibit a set of forces which tend to bind together various elements required for the development and growth of certain industries.
With the rapid development of social economy, the urbanization of the city is becoming more and more obvious, the formation and development of city agglomeration have become a symbol and trend of urbanization in our country, so it is important to exert the support function of transportation system to the whole process of city agglomeration development (Haghani, 2003; Fan, 2011; Delgado, 2015).
In its 2004 judgement, the ECJ ruled against Belgium on the grounds that 114 agglomerations in the Flemish Region, 60 agglomerations in the Walloon Region, and the Brussels-Capital Region had failed to comply with the requirements of Directive 91/271 concerning urban waste-water treatment (Case C-27/03).
1999) aroused interest in the academic community, particularly the relationship between agglomeration and economic growth (1).
Des responsables au ministere ont fait savoir que ces nouvelles agglomerations seront baties avec la participation des unions agricoles, productives et consommatrices, ainsi que celles de la richesse piscicole.
Another field is concerned with the identification of growth effects that are linked to location patterns of economic activity within countries, whereby agglomerations of firms generate positive externality effects through the occurrence of knowledge spillovers, input-output linkages and thick labor markets (Rosenthal and Strange, 2004; Duranton and Puga, 2004).
Tan and Meyer explore the conditions under which foreign investors tap into country-of-origin agglomerations in search of local knowledge and resources.
The analysis shows that the Neuer Markt firms tend to be located in the existing agglomerations of the other firms, i.
That's because many asteroids are now known to be porous, loosely bound agglomerations of rubble.
Among census agglomerations, the median total income for couple families in Wood Buffalo in northern Alberta was the highest at $114,900.
At still lower costs agglomeration forces may be weakened (particularly if they arise from forward and backward linkages between firms) creating the break-up of agglomerations and dispersion of industry in response to factor-market considerations.
One of the main arguments in support of an intangible BEV component has been the effect known as retail mass agglomerations, or agglomeration economies.