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Synonyms for agglomerate

to bring together so as to increase in mass or number

Synonyms for agglomerate

volcanic rock consisting of large fragments fused together

Related Words

form into one cluster

clustered together but not coherent

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In order to see whether clustering exist in Indian industry, one needs to find out a measure of agglomeration for the industry.
Based on the results of their model, Eppli and Shilling found that "most retail establishments, if not all, do indeed benefit from the retail mass agglomerations in regional and super-regional shopping centers" and these establishments "are positively affected by the clustering of stores that sell the same kinds of goods.
To develop fractal models that could be applied to urban development, Batty and his collaborators turned to techniques first used in statistical physics to describe the agglomeration of randomly wandering particles into two-dimensional clusters.
The network is to be developed in 126 agglomerations.
Contract notice: Delivery of fire trucks / tankers / firefighting in urban agglomerations.
4-01 / 2007 support for the reduction and prevention of risks and damage in fires in urban agglomerations by providing grants operational program regional development 2007-2013 and for the project modernization of the structural units of nspbzn-mi in the metropolitan agglomeration and agglomeration areas of the six largest cities of plovdiv, varna, burgas, pleven, ruse and stara zagora.
water and wastewater management in agglomerations above 15 thousand.
The European Commission is taking Portugal to Court for its failure to ensure that waste water from small agglomerations is properly treated.
Still, the country misses mobile services in 128 agglomerations.
wastewater pumping stations and discharge pipes, %%Covasna%% & %%Targu Secuiesc%% Agglomerations
Agglomeration south (one of the two agglomerations in the amo) produces sinter charge for blast furnace sinter on two tracks.
Expression of interest for e-Consult: Avoidance of Excessive Costs through the definition of Agglomerations and Guidance on Individual and other Appropriate Solutions for wastewater treatment
The Court previously ruled in October 2007 that Greece was failing in its obligation to treat and dispose of urban waste water in an adequate manner, with 23 agglomerations across the country lacking the necessary collection and treatment systems.
Agglomeration south (one of the two agglomerations in amo) produces sinter charge for blast furnace sinter on two tracks.