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Talmudic literature that does not deal with law but is still part of Jewish tradition

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The Meiri not only rejects the Gemara's refutation (he considers the Baraita a merely popular Aggadab), but also establishes a general principle: the essence of faith should not be based on "the plain sense of Scripture and Aggadah," but, rather, on that inquiry and deliberation that emerge from Scriptures and, perhaps, the Aggadot.
We must therefore explain (following the Rashbah in his commentary on the Aggadot Haskas) that this prayer is, as it were, God's request of the people Israel to make it possible for Him, the Holy One, to subdue His anger.
This assumption allows for all kinds of new understandings of the evolution of halakhah and aggadah in general and of halakhot and aggadot in particular.
From Zev Vilnay, Aggadot Eretz Yisrael, 4th edition (no.
Yet it is not always possible or desirable to make a hard distinction between the halakhic aspect of midrash and aggadot, stories.
Midrash that specifically addresses the stories of the Bible - aggadot - does so in various ways.
Some traditional midrashim that comment on Bible stories with these narratives, aggadot, elaborate on the stories with an interweaving of astonishing detail.
Whoever learns the Torah, Prophets and Writings, Mishna and midrash, halakhot and aggadot and serves the sages--God Himself guards him.
1) Aggadot that are inextricably related to the biblical narrative.
2) "Historical" aggadot which tell of post-biblical personalities and events.
We are all familiar with the oft-quoted group of aggadot illustrating the paradoxical statement: "Whatever a veteran student of the law is destined to innovate has already been said to Moses at Sinai.