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Talmudic literature that does not deal with law but is still part of Jewish tradition

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It thus seems likely that both the Qur'an and Aggadah inspired Rameses statement of belief as depicted in the film.
In the 1970s, aggadah was claimed particularly by feminists, eager to fill in what they perceived as gaps in the ancient texts--places where the stories of biblical women were ignored or the voices of women were muffled by the hegemony of male discourse, where misogynistic viewpoints of women reigned.
To put the matter in rabbinical terms, we may have been drawn to midrash aggadah rather than midrash halakhah: that is, to reflect interpretively on the nonlegal biblical texts and to fight shy of the language of commandment and its allied language of promise.
His scholarship was wide-ranging, but focused primarily on Jewish writings of the first three centuries of the Common Era, particularly the genre known as aggadah, the non-legal writings of the first generations of Jewish sages.
166) Thus, this aggadah was used to support the notion that a woman is very careful to tell the truth about the death of her husband, and therefore should be trusted on the matter without further testimony from other witnesses.
halakha and aggadah (law and lore); notions of God as both transcendent (wholly other) and immanent (present in the world); Jewish existence in both the Land of Israel and the diaspora, to take a few examples.
Abstract and expository modes in Halakhah parallel concrete, narrative ones in Aggadah, but "the respective exercises of category-criticism of the Halakhah and of the Aggadah correspond" (id.
According to a later aggadah 'legend' (Seder Elyahu Zota) Rabbi Aqiba saved the soul of a dead person from the punishment of Gehenna by getting his son to learn and recite the Qaddish.
Benjamin put it unforgettably when he said that Kafka's eerie fiction reads like Aggadah (myth and the fictive imagination), looking for Halacha (the law); art searching for truth.
This method is similar to basing a decision on aggadah, which is commonly used when there are a lack of legal sources.
Such actual contradictions (in other words, those attributable to the sixth cause) are, he argues, to be found only in midrash or aggadah.
Other religious interpretations considered the extermination of the Jews divine punishment for having allowed themselves to become assimilated and for having strayed from the Torah, or a necessary sacrifice to enable the people of Israel, whose lifestyle was still very archaic, to enter the modern age; others reinterpreted the Aggadah, the story about the exile of the Jews from Egypt, allegorically.
Maimonides s writings reveal his preoccupation with approaching rationally a religion that was based largely on law and tradition: the study of Torah and its interpretation as formalized in the Talmud, the tradition of law, or halakah, and nonlegal matters, which form the aggadah.
He spent the last 10 years of his life in Berlin, recreating with insight and poetic appreciation portions of the Aggadah, Jewish writings dealing with legends and folklore.
The old definition didn't include imaginative literature as we know it now, or what we might term, if the term were still useful, belles-lettres (though there is plenty of Aggadah in the commentaries, which is to say playful and folkloric and storytelling matter).