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Talmudic literature that does not deal with law but is still part of Jewish tradition

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In the 1970s, aggadah was claimed particularly by feminists, eager to fill in what they perceived as gaps in the ancient texts--places where the stories of biblical women were ignored or the voices of women were muffled by the hegemony of male discourse, where misogynistic viewpoints of women reigned.
But to emphasize aggadah in preference to halakhah is, as Bruns has shown, to enforce an unnatural division:
55) Farther on (Pines, 20), Maimonides points out that this contradiction is characteristic of the literature of midrash and aggadah, too (in which "there is to be found a great contradiction due to this cause").
In this aggadah, giggit is generally, but not necessarily, understood to mean a barrel.
A Mandaic 'Targum' of Psalm 114," in Studies in Aggadah, Targum and Jewish Liturgy in Memory of Joseph Heinemann, ed.
The worlds of Jewish law and legal argument and also narrative aggadah are partnered by a rich social performance of Jewish ritual.
He introduces readers to the system of study of the Talmud in Judaism and the interaction of Halakhah (law) and Aggadah (lore) in the Bavli, and the special problems inherent in translation.
The long eschatological aggadah at the beginning of the talmudic tractate "Avodah Zarah illustrates both usages; at the last judgment, the Romans and Persians will make different claims on their own behalf, each presumably expressing their own national character, but those differences will turn out to make no difference.
The two opposing schools are cited, compared and dramatized in a way that brings the reader into personal contact with Aggadah, rabbinic narrative, and theology.
One final reference to recent scholarship is to Yair Lorberbaum's book, Image of God: Halakhah and Aggadah.
Rav Ami asked Rav Samuel ben Nahman: Since I have heard that you are a master of aggadah [homiletic interpretation], what is the meaning of the verse: "Your charity [tzidkatekha] [is as] high [ad marom] as the heavens, O God" (Ps.
12] The irony of using aggadah to critique aggadah should make us cautious.
However, it is not merely a linguistic issue, as Levinthal points out: "While the preacher often drew moral and ethical insights from the realm of the halachah, and revealed new truths from a dry, legal precept, his main inspiration came from the midrash or aggadah.
49:17), shefifon alei orah" (TB Sotah 10a; TB Sanhedrin 105a; Midrash Aggadah [Buber] Gen.
They first appeared in Jewish literature after the Diaspora in the first century CE, replacing the prophets and biblical leaders of the Aggadah.