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a center equipped to handle a large volume of telephone calls (especially for taking orders or serving customers)


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At a time of overall slowness in the life insurance industry, cross-selling to orphan accountholders can provide a breath of fresh air, especially for companies with high agent turnover and big caseloads of severed service relationships.
To the extent that the insurance industry views agent turnover as excessive, the finding that the perceived probability of remaining in the profession is positively related to job involvement and professional commitment is important.
Coincidentally, agent turnover seems to be exacerbating the technology troubles: Employees are less experienced overall, including in the use of WFM software; 18.
The new graphical desktop workflow capability within the dynamic agent desktop steps an agent through a business process and automates tasks behind the scenes; this new capability extends the dramatic increases in agent productivity, and decreased agent training costs associated with high agent turnover our customers are currently achieving with the Dynamic Agent Desktop.
Today untrained, inexperienced agents often leave the job, adding to the burden of high agent turnover and absenteeism.
The industry today wrestles now with the return of agent turnover rates that average 30 percent to 40 percent, and range as high as 200 percent.
Still, Kelash points out that even during the turmoil of the merger, Thrivent Financial's agent turnover rote of 24% in 2002 was well below the industry average of 32%, according to Limra International, an industry trade group.
To that end I would like to share these observations on what is typically the most important management issue in contact centers and that is high agent turnover.
Consider the effects of two of the major issues facing the insurance sector today: agent turnover and heightened competition.
In the context of today's global economic uncertainty, contact center agent costs, agent turnover, and agent training remain a continuous challenge for customer care executives, while agent outsourcing is not always a brand-positive option or even a consistent cost-reducer.
In addition, by offering more flexible scheduling and the convenience of working from home (including the advantage of gas and other commute-related cost savings), organizations can boost morale and loyalty, thus reducing agent turnover.
The tool, which can help reduce agent turnover 20% or more, enables call centers to improve agent retention by hiring employees based on their compatibility with organizational culture, according to Limra, a worldwide association providing research, consulting and other services to insurers and financial service companies.
It's no wonder that subscribers don't feel "loved," which explains high agent turnover rates in the first year.
By combining agents' scheduling requests and any last-minute changes that are made, Interaction Optimizer is able produce a schedule to balance the interaction demands with the agent preferences and skills, the latter being a step that has been shown to reduce agent turnover and keep call center employees happier.