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British secret operative 007 in novels by Ian Fleming


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New Delhi [India], August 16 ( ANI ): Bond fans, you can now heave a sigh of relief as Daniel Craig has confirmed he will return as Agent 007 in the upcoming movie 'Bond 25'.
Agent 007 was selected by nearly twice as many Americans as Homer Simpson (18 percent) and by five times as many Americans as Modern Family's Phil Dunphy (6 percent), two heads of households whose families would be hit hard financially without life insurance, Life Happens notes.
The movie starring Daniel Craig as secret agent 007 took $9.
The British actor, originally from Hoylake, who is reprising his role as agent 007 for the fourth time, had arrived on the shores of Lake Altaussee, in Austria, to shoot his scenes, only to find that the wintry weather had taken its toll and delayed the filming from starting.
Following a legal tussle, McClory was able to produce ''Thunderball'' in 1965 and put out the 1983 film ''Never Say Never Again,'' which brought back Sean Connery as Agent 007.
From the gangs of Boston to the slick British secret service, no one is as smooth as Agent 007.
So now we understand how Agent 007 keeps clobbering all the bad guys to save the day.
This illustrated reference for fans of Agent 007 begins with a chapter devoted to the character James Bond in the books of Ian Fleming, then gives facts on the actors who have played Bond and on the films' villains, good and bad girls, weapons, gadgets, and music.
Sir Roger Moore, English actor and ex-secret agent 007, and Anne-Flore Marxer, Freeride World Champion 2011, are prestigious godparents to the newly christened aircraft.
Beloved by agent 007, luxury car maker Aston Martin hoping to sell 100 cars within two years
It was about proving that Agent 007 in his 23rd outing -- " sexist, misogynist dinosaur" and " relic of the Cold War" as M famously described him in Goldeneye -- was far from his expiry date.
30pm Super slick Roger Moore is back as Agent 007 for another spy romp.
Audiences couldn't get enough of the dashing agent 007 and his undercover intrigues.
Okay, so James Bond would never order his martini with a chocolate-covered olive, but let's be honest, Agent 007 doesn't always get it right.