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imperfect development


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Perhaps when participants were not making as many changes, their spouses took on a more agenetic role in the intervention.
Zhang et al., "Agenetic linkage map of Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei): sex-linked microsatellite markers and high recombination rates," Genetica, vol.
Territory of the agenetic vasculature was supplied by well-developed ipsilateral AICA or PICA and collateral branches coming from contralateral equivalent artery.
McClenon (1997) reviewed evidence supporting five testable features of the ritual healing theory: (1) shamanic/hypnotic rituals increase survival and fertility; (2) the efficacy of shamanic ritual is correlated with hypnotizability; (3) hypnotizability has agenetic component; (4) shamanic rituals were practiced for many tens of thousands of years, sufficient time to have a meaningful impact on gene frequencies; and (5) hypnotizability affects the frequency and characteristics of anomalous, paranormal, and religious experiences.
Cystic fibrosis is agenetic condition that results in the formation of too much mucus<p>I F YOU notice that your child has a perpetual cough and wheezing don't brush it off as a bout of chest infection.
Trials have shown Rapamycin can improve learning and memory skills among mice which were given agenetic disorder.