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a yellow pungent volatile oil (trade name Agene) formerly used for bleaching and aging flour

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Monster Age Stem game o' ogres Meant agene storm (Man's) tore Ge.
Ras association domain family l Agene (RASSF1A) showed high median upregulation in normal samples, but poor overall separation between tumours and normals, with only 45% of the T2 to T4 tumours with expressions greater than 95% of the normal samples.
But it's certainly rare for scientists to know what version of agene such hybridization has moved between species and what evolutionary forces drove the gene's spread.
En adultos con rinon unico funcionante (por agene sia renal contralateral) con mas de 15 anos de observacion se describe mayor riesgo de proteinuria, HTA y deterioro de la funcion renal (22), deterioro que se podria explicar por la hiperfiltracion del unico rinon funcionante, hiperfiltracion que se puede iniciar en la edad pediatrica como se informo en 4 de estos pacientes.
Agene Hutchinson trans., n.d.) (unpublished paper, on file with author).
Hospital-acquired MRSA contains a special mec Agene that codes for penicillin-binding protein (PBP) 2a, which is an important binding site for penicillins and related antibiotic classes.
I got fat thighs, a vivid imagination and agene that convinces me anything with 50 per cent off is more irresistible than Johnny Depp on a nudist beach, lying on top of a million quid and a hamper from Greggs the bakers.
One way to look for gene expression that changes with age and with cognitive impairment is to use a powerful new technology called agene microarray analysis.
518) reports Santorini's discussion concerning the objections that have been raised against the idea of grammatical competition, i.e., the coexistence of different rules in a grammar--e.g., the Old English variation between direct object before and after the main verb: he ne mteg his agene aberan 'he may not support his own' versus pu hafast gecoren Pone wer 'you have chosen the man' (see p.
Twelve of Mary's 17 children are still alive - Kathy Wilson, 66' Maureen Gilhoolie, 64' John Wilson, 59' Sadie Smith, 62' Linda Burke, 56' June Woods, 57' Agene Drew, 58' William Wilson, 50' Pat Wilson, 54' Carol Gunn, 48' Hamilton Wilson, 45, and Jim Wilson, 44.
(9) As AElfric notes in his Preface to Genesis, "aefre se d]e awent ode se de taecd of Ledene on Englisc, aefre he sceal gefadian hit swa daet daet Englisc haebbe his agene wisan, elles hit bid swyde gedwolsum to raedenne daem daes Ledenes wise ne can" (Crawford 79-80).
That's because the gene that controls for pigmentation has two alleles (uh-LEELZ, forms of agene)--one for coloration, and one for albinism.