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a security issued by United States government agencies or the Farm Credit System

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Agency securities are the sum of three different types of securities: agency collateralind mortgage obligations (CMOs), agency debentures and strips, and agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS).
The Dresdner Agency Securities Lending business will be integrated into Deutsche Bank's Trust & Securities Services (TSS) business in Global Transaction Banking (GTB) as part of its local custody franchise and will be overseen by Roger Harrold, Global Head of Domestic Custody Services.
government, municipal, corporate, mortgage, asset-backed securities, federal agency securities, and foreign government securities.
Government and Federal agency securities with the Treasury or the individual agencies or to allow them to mature without replacement; provided that the aggregate amount of U.S.
For example, government agency securities have been a good way to add yield to a portfolio in the past, but the incremental yield offered by agency securities versus Treasuries is low right now--10 basis points or less in most instances.
government and federal agency securities, and money market instruments.
government agency securities are an acceptable investment.
The net proceeds will fund the acquisition of agency securities, non-agency securities (including credit risk transfer securities), other real estate-related assets and hedging instruments and for other general corporate purposes, the company said.
Treasury and agency securities (Long-term Issuer Default Rating AAA/Stable) as opposed to the previously pledged loan portfolio.
During the last recession, holdings of safe assets, such as cash, Treasury securities, and federal agency securities, rose steeply.
The electronic agency securities broker Instinet Group Inc has finalised its acquisition of ProTrader Group LP, a provider of trading technologies and electronic brokerage services.
Treasury and agency securities, which have low or zero weights in computing risk-based capital ratios and registered corresponding declines in the portfolio shares of full-risk-weight loans.
The net proceeds from the offering will be used by the company to finance the acquisition of agency securities, non-agency securities, other mortgage-related assets and hedging instruments and for other general corporate purposes.
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