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a security issued by United States government agencies or the Farm Credit System

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A provider of agency securities lending services, Citi's innovative technology and extensive presence in 76 markets enables it to provide customised lending solutions in several markets worldwide.
The weighted average projected CPR for the remaining life of the Company's agency securities held as of December 31, 2017 was 8.
Agency securities are the sum of three different types of securities: agency collateralind mortgage obligations (CMOs), agency debentures and strips, and agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS).
18 May 2012 - Germany-based global investment bank Deutsche Bank (ETR:DBK) on Thursday unveiled plans to expand its agency securities lending capabilities in Asia with the addition of a Hong Kong unit by June 2012.
The Dresdner Agency Securities Lending business will be integrated into Deutsche Bank's Trust & Securities Services (TSS) business in Global Transaction Banking (GTB) as part of its local custody franchise and will be overseen by Roger Harrold, Global Head of Domestic Custody Services.
31 1 Federal debt outstanding 5,446 5,536 5,573 2 Public debt securities 5,413 5,502 5,542 3 Held by public 3,815 3,847 3,872 4 Held by agencies 1,599 1,656 1,670 5 Agency securities 33 34 31 6 Held by public 26 27 26 7 Held by agencies 7 7 5 8 Debt subject to statutory limit 5,328 5,417 5,457 9 Public debt securities 5,328 5,416 5,456 10 Other debt(1) 0 0 0 MEMO 11 Statutory debt limit 5,950 5,950 5,950 1998 June 30 Sept.
government agency securities, smaller-sized bank obligations or low credit-rated corporate investment vehicles.
Greg Chamberlain, who recently joined Deutsche Bank, will lead Agency Securities Lending trading operations in Asia and will be based in Hong Kong.
Global Banking News-January 5, 2016--Deutsche Bank strengthens agency securities lending team
Treasury purchases continued through the end of October 2009, and the agency securities were purchased throughout the first quarter of 2010.
Treasury and agency securities, which have low or zero weights in computing risk-based capital ratios and registered corresponding declines in the portfolio shares of full-risk-weight loans.
Treasury and government agency securities, as well as appropriate levels of liquidity relative to shareholder composition and redemption parameters.
Global Banking News-May 22, 2012--Deutsche Bank opens agency securities lending desk in HK(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
government and federal agency securities, about half of which was in the form of mortgage-backed securities.
The main drivers of the fund's volatility rating affirmation are the stability of the fund's market risk profile, as reflected by the short-dated nature of the portfolio, the high allocation to government agency securities, as well as appropriate levels of liquidity relative to expected cash outflows.
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