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United States novelist (1909-1955)


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At the heart of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men is failure as purpose: Agee recognized early in his writing that failure would not just be the major theme of Famous Men, it would become his duty, for to succeed would require an inhuman work of the imagination.
Agee said working as a case officer in South America opened his eyes to the CIA's Cold War goal in the region: to prop up traditional elites against perceived leftist threats through political repression and torture.
Famous Men is in part a reaction against the admixtures of condescension and sentimentality present in some of the period's documentaries--particularly Margaret Bourke-White and Erskine Caldwell's commercially successful You Have Seen Their Faces, which Agee attacks directly.
In addition to the checklist, Agee provides an extremely valuable annotated edition of the booklist published by the firm in 1591.
I don't care how long I live, I will never forgive Philip Agee and those like him who wantonly sacrificed the lives of intelligence officers:' The crowd, made up of old Wilhatn Casey fans and new Robert Gates ones, roared its approval.
Apparent only are the glaring differences in the worlds of inner-city blacks and suburban whites - from the awkward encounters between Pingatore and the discarded Agee to the condescending meeting between the school's financial officer and Agee's parents over a leftover tuition bill.
These works remind one that Agee once considered becoming a priest; most have a sacred aim and very often a scriptural rhythm.
From 1948 until his death, Agee worked mainly as a film scriptwriter, notably for The African Queen (1951) and The Night of the Hunter (1955).
At one point, hoping to exert remote-control over the renegade, "Shackley and his operations chief were even trying to get Agee a book contract.
Agee was raised in the Cumberland mountain region of Tennessee, which provided the setting for his two autobiographical novels and is the likely basis for his penetrating insights into the American poor.
This volume contains 18 essays on writer James Agee and photographer Walker Evans' chronicle of the daily lives and poverty of Alabama sharecroppers during the 1930s, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, published in 1941.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 30, 2016-INTL FCStone Agrees to Acquire Two Businesses from Brokerage Sterne Agee
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