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United States novelist (1909-1955)


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An old time bartender tells Agee about the lieutenant who came in one morning and explained that he needed $500 a month for--supposedly--the Police Athletic League: "The captain'll be by to collect it next Tuesday at 7:30.
Prior to re-joining Sterne Agee, Holman was with Franklin Square Capital Partners as senior vice president of Investor Relations and Capital Markets.
Sterne Agee Mortgage's wholesale option enables a bank to operate as the broker, thereby eliminating some risk for the bank, yet still generating fee income from their mortgage originations.
Sterne Agee notes that property-catastrophe pricing shows the most downward pressure, but the firm adds that "other lines are experiencing competition as well to varying degrees.
Both Agee and Humayun are investigating individual crystals and grains of the fragments to determine the composition of the primordial Martian crust and of the gases that may have passed through it to form the planet's first atmosphere.
I look forward to working with Sterne Agee and building a team of experts in London and abroad that will provide financial services internationally," said Mr.
In her white glazed-porcelain vases and figurines (grouped here on tables), Agee shifts her focus from the pristine modern home to the body that besmirches it.
Former CEO, Bryan Agee resigned on April 26, 2010 and accepted the role of chief technology officer for Pamiris later that week.
The concept of failure in relation to Agee's authorship appears often in Famous Men: Agee consistently documents how he constantly fails his reader, subject, and genre, but he also suggests that failure itself is emblematic of his impossible goal, which he defines as an exploration of
Agee, 72, died on Monday night, the newspaper said, calling him a "loyal friend of Cuba and staunch defender of the people's struggle for a better world.
Agee, who tried to settle in Cambridge after publishing a book which detailed the agency and the staff, died in hospital in Cuba after an ulcer operation.
Agee, the company's founder, will continue as board chairman and remain involved in its day-to-day business.
Clearly, a full descriptive catalogue would have been impossible for one person to compile, and Agee has wisely confined himself to a checklist of editions and a history of the firm from 1569 to 1611.
Agee, an institution-affiliated party of the First Western Bank, Cooper City, Florida, a state member bank.