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a movement in Europe from about 1650 until 1800 that advocated the use of reason and individualism instead of tradition and established doctrine

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Hopefully Islam will eventually experience its own age of reason, the sooner the better.
The author, however, focuses on what he calls the "dark side" of the so-called Age of Reason.
Also performing on the evening will be The Golden Age of Reason, a new collective featuring members of BBC 6 Music favourites Soft Hearted Scientists, Helen Love and the Milkrace.
Jonardon Ganeri's latest book, The Lost Age of Reason, continues in some ways from his previous three books, The Concealed Art of the Soul, Artha, and Philosophy in Classical India.
Inspired by a book, Flesh In the Age of Reason (hence the acronym FAR) which investigated 18th Century studies of body and soul, the dance piece is not so much an intellectual work as a riot of movement, music and lighting.
The authors here understand that words are tools of reason and look for the Age of Reason to manifest itself in the use of words.
Saeed Bin Suroor, who has won both previous runnings, saddles four, including last year's first, second and fourth in Sabotage, Age Of Reason and Whispering Gallery respectively.
Whether you look at the ancient world, the golden age of Islam, the Renaissance, the 18th century Age of Reason in this country, the humanities have been respected and revered for holding together the cultural capital of society.
Modern religion experts are too narrowly focused, and don't expand their studies to cover all world religions-and that's a problem, Guy Stroumsa argues in his book "A New Science: The Discovery of Religion in The Age of Reason.
to the severity of new battles, until the age of reason disappears into
In other races, Age Of Reason and Titurel along with Red Rock Canyon could go close in the 14-furlong turf race while Sir Gerry is back after winning last week to attempt a 6-furlong repeat win with Doug Watson's Alsadeek and Jeremy Noseda's Awinnersgame being the top weight's main rivals.
When Paine finally made it back to America, after a near-guillotining in France, the man who wrote this country into revolution found he had been written out of the Founders' pantheon for his anti-church tract The Age of Reason.
With little duplication from the earlier collection, Young explores the widely divergent impact of the age of reason and secularism on several important writers whose lives span what Young seems to think of as the "long" Victorian age.
Godolphin duo Age Of Reason and Friston Forest are among the possibles, while Caracciola could line up for Barry Hills, having temporarily made the switch from the suspended Nicky Henderson.
The Cluny The Twilight Sad - 11pmmidnight Piney Gir & The Age Of Reason - 10-10.