Industrial Revolution

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the transformation from an agricultural to an industrial nation

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Britain's booming age of industry needed an economic and reliable way to transport goods and commodities in large quantities.
It's time we urged the Government to help us create the new The Age of Industry.
The preservation of the Stevens Mill District will help to keep alive a distinct era in Dudley's past, highlight a specific point in the age of industry in Massachusetts and America, and provide a fading glimpse of the once glorious American textile industry," the study committee wrote in a report published Jan.
Other chapters are devoted to the preeminence of the yeoman farmer up to 1900, the rise of the factory system, the workers who built transportation networks and extracted the ore and coal that supported the infrastructure, the relatively brief golden age of industry and the labor unions that resulted, the highly romanticized but brutal cowboy experience, the movement to end child labor, the Great Depression, the extension and decline of the labor movement, efforts by African Americans and women to receive decent pay and conditions, and the intrusion of technology into virtually every working life.
The Elements of journalism--and The News About the News:Amerz can Journalism in Peril, written by top Washington Post editors Leonard Downie and Robert Kaiser-are only the latest of many recent books that reassert the media's core "values" in an age of industry uncertainty, vocational self-doubt, and an ever-splintering audience.
In this modern age of industry consolidation, the Blocks of Toledo illustrate the enduring value in family ownership of newspapers
Despite continuous attacks against pastimes described as immoral, irrational, irreverent and bloody-minde d, popular culture retained a remarkable vigor and autonomy even in the age of industry with its supposedly bourgeois character.
IT was the golden age of industry and Birmingham was the noisy, bustling, smoke-wreathed capital of a brave new world of technology and wealth.
Money and banking, she tells us, divided Americans in a deep, broad, and sustained manner over competing visions of democracy in the age of industry.
Shaped by functional and material economies, this container distribution centre in Hamburg's harbour station still has a powerful tectonic presence that recalls the heroic age of industry.