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a policy of extending your rule over foreign countries

a political orientation that advocates imperial interests

any instance of aggressive extension of authority

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Updates to this fifth edition include expanded coverage of early Indian and Southeast Asian civilizations, the addition of testimonial narratives of African Slaves, an a new chapter on Asia in the age of imperialism.
In 1969, Magdoff wrote The Age of Imperialism, which contains this bracing line: "Imperialism is not a matter of choice for a capitalist society; it is the way of life of such a society.
Age of Imperialism by Donohoe Digital LLC (Castle Rock, CO
If Roosevelt's age of imperialism is dying, no one has told President George W.
This attitude also reflects that of the late nineteenth-century age of imperialism, during which the jingoists attempted to fulfill what they believed to be the divinely ordained "manifest destiny" of American expansion.
McNay contends that Acheson used his enormous influence over his department and the President to promote policies more suited to the Victorian age of imperialism than to mid-twentieth century anti-colonial rebellion.