Age of Fishes

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from 405 million to 345 million years ago

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Many structures have been used to estimate the age of fishes, including scales, otoliths, vertebrae, fin rays and spines, opercular bones, cleithra, urohyal bone, and hyomandibular bone.
When done correctly, using otoliths (ear bones that are produced in layers over time, like the rings in a tree's trunk) to determine the age of fishes is believed to be a generally reliable method, although age determinations based on otoliths do not always agree with aging studies based on other methods, such as counts of scale annuli.
The Devonian Period, which spanned from 416 to 359 million years ago, is also known as the Age of Fishes for the broad array of species present in Earth's aquatic environments.
"The Devonian period is known as the Age of Fishes, but it's the wrong kind of fish.