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from 405 million to 345 million years ago

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The fishing pressure is main cause of decline in production, size and age of fishes in water bodies [28].
Our study has shown that analysis of edge provides an adequate validation for two structures used to determine age of fish, otoliths and opercles, in the river redhorse, and that these structures are superior to scales in analysis of age.
By dating the age of fish sauce found in ancient vessels near the site, scientists think they have confirmed that the explosion occurred on August 24, 79 A.D.
The title is curious-"The Age of Fish" flashes forth the grand elevation usually reserved for volumes on Milton himself, or for other preeminent figures in literature or history (e.g.
Milton in the age of Fish; essays on authorship, text, and terrorism.
Travel back past the first farms and through the Ice Age to the time of the dinosaurs and when life existed under the sea--to the age of fish!
Currently we assume that the age of fish tc at first capture is about 1 year and Fcurrent was 2.915, therefore Fcurrent was >F0.1 and Fmax which shows that the current status of blue swimming crab is in overexploitation state.
Readers had varying levels of experience estimating the age of fish. However, each reader was trained by an experienced reader using sets of Pygmy Whitefish scales and otoliths not used in this study before estimating age of fish in this study.
Because the age of fish and recent growth histories can have a considerable influence on otolith shape (Campana and Casselman, 1993), the analysis in this study focused on fish captured only during October, November, and December to reduce variability associated with fractional ages (although additional mathematical size corrections are detailed in the Statistical procedure subsection of the Materials and methods section).
Total needs are higher at the beginning and decrease with the age of fish. For optimal growth fry fish must receive feed with a minimum protein content of 50%.
It is well recognized that haematological parameters in fish vary with factors such as species, age of fish and season (6).
Despite that the 'real' age of fish remains unknown and we do not know whether the weight of otoliths or lengths of fish are normally distributed within a cohort.
(C) dating the age of fish sauce found in vessels at the site.