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The present age, which Hindu philosophy designates as the 'age of darkness' (or kaliyug) is characterised by the most materialistic age ever known to humankind.
A broken mirror marks the entry into the gallery with late royal portraits; revolutionary images of Marie-Antoinette are put into a black room--the French Revolution as the age of darkness?
Chris Lowney's oxymoronic title makes one wonder, "What was golden about this medieval age of darkness?"
If we forget the lessons of history, we will be replacing the Era of Enlightenment with an Age of Darkness. Jefferson told us that a society cannot be both ignorant and free.
Hence, Geta LeSeur's Ten is the Age of Darkness: The Black Bildungsroman, with its emphasis on fiction by black writers in the United States and the Caribbean, falls in line with an established and growing scholarly trend.
In his admiration for the literature and presumed civic virtues of republican Rome, the scholar-poet Petrarch (1304-1374) characterized "modern history," which he saw as beginning in the fourth century with the imperial adoption of Christianity and extending down to his own day, as an age of darkness. Although he divided Western history into only two segments, a classical Golden Age and degenerate modernity, Petrarch presented historians with two important new premises: antiquity ended sometime in the early centuries of the Christian Age, and the era that followed was one of intellectual darkness and civic disorder.