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discrimination against middle-aged and elderly people

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"Age discrimination in the workplace is an increasingly serious issue for businesses and employees as older generations continue to maintain their professional careers longer than their predecessors," Patrick Mitchell, Management Liability Product head at Hiscox USA, said in prepared remarks.
* About 51 percent of workers who witnessed age discrimination against another employee did not report it, and 62 percent said they didn't speak up because they feared employer retaliation.
"Despite the high prevalence of age discrimination, and the fact that everyone is potentially at risk of experiencing age discrimination at some point in life, the effects on health and well-being have barely been investigated," researchers wrote.
The problem with age discrimination is that it can take different forms, and it can start at any time (though most people agree that ageism begins when workers reach their 50s).
Yet the UK's ageing population and the number of workers wanting to return to the workforce after a career break or change (according to research, over one million over-50s are in this position) mean that we need to make age discrimination a thing of the past: employers should be made aware of both the law and the benefits of employing an age diverse workforce.
The report recognizes the similarities between age discrimination and other discrimination.
Bill 23 attempts to provide a compromise to these concerns by providing some exceptions to the new protections against age discrimination in these areas.
Companies including Verizon (VZ), Amazon (AMZN), Goldman Sachs (GS), Target (TGT) and Facebook (FB) have placed job advertisements on Facebook which target particular age groups raising concerns over possible age discrimination, the New York Times reports, citing an investigation conducted with ProPublica.
Age discrimination has long been a part of the landscape of the U.S.
Extending Working Life for Older Workers: Age Discrimination Law, Policy and Practice
This special focus of Refuge highlights the widespread but under-researched occurrence of age discrimination in forced migration law, policy, and practice.
Age discrimination has been illegal in the United States since the early 1970s.
We design and implement a large-scale field experiment--a resume correspondence study--to address a number of potential limitations of existing field experiments testing for age discrimination, which may bias their results.
LEGISLATION to end age discrimination will not be introduced before Assembly elections in 2016, the Commissioner for Older People has said.