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regulation establishing the maximum age for doing something or holding some position

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Mohammadmmad Ahmad Ludhianvi, chief of AhleSunnat Al Jamaat said no age limit is determined in Islam for marriage.
Critics of age limits point to the tendency of boards in recent years to continually push the age limit up as high as 75 in some instances, and now typically 72.
On Tuesday, the FIFA Executive Committee decided to postpone until 2014 debate on age limits for officials and term limits for the president, which were expected to be voted on during the upcoming Congress.
They have now launched a petition to urge councillors to allow the flats to keep the upper age limit.
This is because, despite a strict regulatory regime for firearms, the UK has no lower age limit restrictions.
Under current rules there is no upper age limit for motorists, although over-70s must pass a medical check every three years in order to keep their licence.
For Government departments not to understand they can no longer state an age limit is staggering.
Lester Crawford, leaned toward a 17-year-old age limit.
The millionaire music entrepreneur's new show, which is being called The X Factor, will scrap upper age limits.
Despite the law, some say there are good reasons for having age limits.
The age limit has long been a barrier for middle-aged and elderly job seekers, but the number of businesses now offering jobs without age limits and placing priority on ability is increasing, albeit still low.
On a proposal to abolish age limits in recruitment, the LDP was the only party to be cautious about it, according to the survey.
Consider Director Age Limits: Approximately 80 percent of S&P 500 companies have adopted director age limits, which typically compel directors to resign upon reaching 70-72 years of age.
But there is no time scale for when the higher age limits would come into force.
43: Recommends that upper and lower age limits for underage competitions are imposed.