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Synonyms for ageism

discrimination against middle-aged and elderly people

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com Report "Pop Goes the Age Discrimination Bubble"
This will put age discrimination outside work on a similar footing to discrimination law in employment.
Older people are deserving of the highest level of care and treatment, but the failure to introduce age discrimination legislation raises the question as to how important the rights of older people really are to the Executive.
Mr Paul Tomlinson, of Kings Norton, who specialises in French and Spanish, also made a compensation claim for sex discrimination at Birmingham Employment Tribunal against one of the schools, Priory School of Edgbaston, as well as age discrimination.
Older people in Wales regularly tell me that they experience age discrimination in many aspects of their lives.
The increasing age of the workforce, the presence of age bias in society generally, together with the fact that the consequences of unemployment fall more harshly on older people, make the topic of age discrimination in employment a significant one--legally, ethically, and practically.
The award-winning journalist, 53, is "delighted" after winning a claim of age discrimination against the broadcaster, her solicitors Leigh, Day & Co said.
Overall, the age discrimination ratings of supermarkets weren't as bad as the age discrimination ratings of TV, advertising, or health insurance, but they were significantly worse than the age discrimination ratings of dollar stores and restaurants.
According to Steve Dobson, performance and communications manager at JobMatch, age discrimination is prevalent among employers in Wales.
The award-winning journalist, who has spent 25 years at the BBC, claims age discrimination and victimisation in papers lodged at the London Central employment tribunal offices last week.
Employers are liable for age discrimination in hiring even if they use a third party to hire prospective employees, the 2nd Circuit held on Sept.
And as Equality Minister, I am suspicious that there is age discrimination there.
MASS LAYOFFS AND smaller reductions in workforces are causing an astonishing uptick in the volume of age discrimination lawsuits filed against employers.
Gender and age discrimination among women in the broadcast news industry.
More than three-quarters (77%) were also in favour of laws preventing age discrimination in the NHS.