Agave sisalana

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Mexican or West Indian plant with large fleshy leaves yielding a stiff fiber used in e

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The succinic acid from sisal waste (Agave sisalana) showed an ovicidal activity against gastrointestinal nematodes of goats and low potential for toxicity on Vero cell cultures, suggesting the participation and promising potential of this constituent on the anthelmintic activity reported for Agave sisalana: although, it did not show effectiveness on the larvae of these parasites.
(2014).Nutritional and antioxidant analysis of Pleurotus HK 37 grown on Agave sisalana saline solid waste.
(2014), which concern the occurrence and diversity of diazotrophic bacteria in rhizosphere soil and root and leaf tissues of Agave sisalana plants, as well as to test for their potential for plant growth promotion.
The needle and thread - Agave Sisalana, as experts know it - is about to bloom for the first and only time in its 15-year lifespan.
Danladi (2008) reported that sisal fibre is obtained from the leaves of the plant called Sisalana (Agave sisalana), which originated from Mexico and is cultivated in East Africa, Brazil, Haiti, India, Indonesia and can also be found dispersed in Nigeria.
Length Width Tensile strength Agave sisalana (1,2) 2700.0-3400.0 8.0-41.0 6.1 Musa textilis (2,3) 4300.0-6200.0 16.0[+ or -]32.0 1.0 Phormium tenax (4,6) 3740.0-4750.0 10.1-12.8 0.1 Linum 2100.0-40000.0 10.0-51.0 0.5 usitassisimum (1,5) Cannabis sativa (1,2) 8500.0-20000.0 10.0-51.0 9.0 Hibiscus 1000.0-2600.0 20.0-24.0 11.9 cannabinus (1,2) Table 5.
The obvious one is Sisal taken from Agave sisalana, a native of Mexico but now extensively grown in Tanzania - the new Lotus Eco-Elise uses it in the body work and it produces ropes such as twine that we use in our gardens.