Agave americana

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widely cultivated American monocarpic plant with greenish-white flowers on a tall stalk

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Some of the more serious health issues that can be treated by agave americana are stomach inflammation, ulcers, tuberculosis, jaundice, liver disorders, high fever, menstrual problems and syphilis.
Agave americana se utiliza tambien para la extraccion de aguamiel y la elaboracion de pulque.
All of the plants have been selected for their potential to be grown in the changing English climate, including Agave americana, Bougainvillea glabra, Citrus sinensis, Nerium oleander and Yucca gloriosa.
Agave Americana is ideal for a pot, and need only come in when it is frosty.
Jacques Cartier, for example, is a hot pink which would be welcome in any garden - but try teaming it with the amber-bordered giant leaves of Agave Americana in a terracotta pot.
Tensile properties of hemp and Agave americana fibres - T Thamae, S Aghedo, C Baillie and D Matovic, Queens University, Canada
The bacterial strains ACO-R05, ACO-R19, ACO-R35, and ACO-R62 were selected from 235 strains, which were isolated previously from the rhizosphere of Agave americana.
This insect also has been reported as an important pest of other commercial crops (Agave tequilana Weber, Agave americana var.
CreAte an exotic backdrop with drought-tolerant plants such as Agave americana Variegata, Aeonium arboreum Zwartkop and Cordyline australis and add fast-growing cannas.
Dear Editor, -Following the story on the flowering of Agave americana marginata at Birmingham Botanical Gardens (Post, May 20), I was bemused to read in your Comment section the question 'What is the point of the Century Plant?
One plant we saw lots of in Cornwall which I have been growing at Erddig for some years now is Agave americana.
Few plants are more impressive than a well-grown specimen of the American aloe, Agave americana Variegata.
Design it Sun-loving plants on a patio If you have a sun-baked patio and don't have time to water pots every day, choose exoticlooking drought-tolerant plants such as Agave americana Variegata, Aeonium arboreum Zwartkop and Cordyline australis.
The Agave Americana Marginata is commonly known as the Century plant because it lives for up to 100 years and flowers just once, after which it dies.