Agave americana

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widely cultivated American monocarpic plant with greenish-white flowers on a tall stalk

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Agave Americana only flowers every 100 years, hence its nonscientific name, the century plant.
Agave americana is also known as century plant or American aloe, in the arid areas of Central America, Mexico, India, Africa and Southern Europe.
Agave Americana, also known as century plant, is a poisonous plant that can be found in Mexico and is generally not edible.
One hundred of dried and powdered leaves of agave americana were homogenized in mixture (ethanolwater) (280/80ml: V/V) for 72h at room temperature and with replacement of solvent every 24h.
The aim of the present work is to look for the experimental conditions leading to the maximum extraction yield of soluble and insoluble fibres fractions from basal part of leaves of Agave americana L.
In ticson, Arizona, weevils were found to colonize cultivated Agave americana L.
Agave americana 'Variegata' provides not only form but also some highly distinctive and elegant colouration.
Con respecto a este ultimo apunte, resulta mucho mas adecuado emplear especies mediterraneas autoctonas (Fraga 2009) en lugar de acudir a xerofitas exoticas, como se ha venido haciendo, y que es el motivo por el que aparecen tantos taxones pertenecientes a las familias Cactaceae, Aizoaceae, Agavaceae, Aloaceae y Crassulaceae, entre los que se encuentran algunas de las especies invasoras mas nocivas en nuestro ambito cercano (Carpobrotus edulis, Carpobrotus acinaciformis, Cylindropuntia rosea, Agave americana, etc.).
CHOOSE succulent plants such as Agave americana Variegata, Aeonium arboreum Zwartkop and Cordyline australis.
Plants featured one-three to a page originate from all over the world: e.g., English violet (Viola odorata), Agave americana, and African marigold.
Scientists at the University of Wales, Bangor, have waited 28 years to see the Century Plant (Agave americana) blossom.
Mr Brown said: "Twenty-eight years ago I planted a small specimen of Agave americana on the newly constructed cactus mound in the recently landscaped Temperate House.