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have recently concluded the complete chloroplast genome of different Agavaceae, allowing for detailed phylogenies at the genus level.
Discussion--The genetic variability of Agavaceae has not been well investigated; just a few species have been analyzed (Martinez-Palacios et al.
The agave weevil (AW) Scyphophorus acupunctatus Gyllenhal (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) is considered an important pest of major economic relevance; it feeds upon Agavaceae.
Family Species Bordering N/I TAC Counties Agavaceae Yucca arkansana Trel.
However, one of our observation settings, a plant in the family Agavaceae, offered a similar complexity to that of natural sites, and exploration was not noticeably longer.
In several families a slight monosymmetry is present in the form of sigmoidal curvature of the floral tube and/or pollination organs; this is true for a number of Agapanthaceae (Kubitzki, 1998a), Agavaceae (Verhoek, 1998), Amaryllidaceae (Vochting, 1886; Church, 1908; Correll & Correll, 1982; Meerow & Snijman, 1998; Meerow, 2010), Anthericaceae (Conran, 1998), Asphodelaceaae (Vochting, 1886; Correll & Correll, 1982; Smith & Van Wyk, 1998), Blandfordiaceae (Clifford & Conran, 1998), Convallariaceae (Conran & Tamura, 1998), Doryanthaceae (Clifford, 1998), Hemeroeallidaceae (Vochting, 1886; Clifford et al.
Plant extracts summary showing antileishmanial activity (a) Family and botanical name Origin Part used Organism tested Agavaceae Yucca filamentosa L.
2) Family: As, Asteraceae, Fa, Fabaceae, Eu, Euphorbiaceae, An, Anacardiaceae, Ag, Agavaceae, Zy, Zygophyllaceae.
Agavaceae Boang-khola -paing-da 6 Sansevieria Agavaceae Lankh-hi-pang roxburghiana Schult.