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As in the microphyllous scrub, Agavaceae was the most abundant family with 33.9% (990 records) of the total abundance.
Agave is a succulent genus within the monocot family Agavaceae [7], include around 166 species and is the largest genus in the family agavaceae that consist of 9 genera and 293 species [8], which naturally grow in Northern and Central America [9], and thrived in semiarid regions such as Mexico, Australia, and Africa [10].
Agave sisalana Perrine (Agavaceae), popularly known as sisal in is a monocotyledonous plant from Mexico.
A review of trunk-forming species of Furcraea (Agavaceae) in cultivation in the UK.
(Agavaceae), is an agave species found in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico, where it is an important source of natural fiber, medicine, and fructans, as well as being used for the production of alcoholic beverages (Garcia-Mendoza, 2002).
The pollination biology of Manfreda virginica (Agavaceae): relative contribution of diurnal and nocturnal visitors.
The continuity of primary and secondary growth in Cordyline terminalis (Agavaceae).
Sedative and anticonvulsant activities of the aqueous root extract of Sanseviera liberica Gerome and Labroy (Agavaceae).
Fabrication and performance of hybrid betel nut (Areca catechu) short fibre/Sansevieria cylindrica (agavaceae) composite.