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Oatman, "Biology of agathis gibbosa (Hymenoptera: braconidae), a primary parasite of the potato tuberworm," Annals of the Entomological Society of America, vol.
Tunggal Agathis Indah Wood Industries (Woodbased Industry)
New Zealand Kauri trees (Agathis australis) seem to be the most likely candidates.
The wood species investigated were Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.), agathis (Agathis dammara), and sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria).
The Southern Hemisphere also contains many forests dominated by conifers such as podocarps (Podocar-pus), dammar or kauri pines (Agathis), monkey puzzles (Araucaria), Rimu pines (Dacrydium), etc., that have nothing at all in common with the taiga, and which are more comparable to temperate laurel forests ("laurisilva") (see vol.
In all of the poor-soil forests, the trees are thin-stemmed, making "pole forest" that may contain the odd "superplant"' able to grow taller and thicker (e.g., Agathis in southeast Asia; Richards 1952).
The canopy is 30-35 m tall, with emergent Agathis atropurpurea on the upper slopes.
(17.) Almaciga: Agathis philippinensis, an evergreen tree with a resin known as "copal de Manila."
One of these parasites was the Agathis wasp, which reduced the damage by casebearers so successfully that only low numbers of the pest still exist in the once heavily infested stands of eastern larch.
New Zealand kauri (Agathis australis (D.Don) Lindl., Araucariaceae) survives Oligocene drowning.
The coal from Lati is processed and is given the brands of Agathis and Sungkai.
Acer x freemanii 'Armstrong' and 'Armstrong II' and Scarlet Sentinel[TM] Acer platinoides 'Columnar' and 'Olmsted' Acer rubrum 'Bowhall' and 'Columnar' Acer saccharum 'Endowment', 'Goldspire', and 'Newton Sentry' Agathis robusta Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata' Erythrina variegata var.
In the Southern Hemisphere, the typical components of the forests included conifers, such as members of the Podocarpaceae (Podocarpus, Saxegothea), and Araucari-aceae (Araucaria, Agathis, etc.).