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The agathis and sengon came from the Educational Forest of Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia.
In the subterranean termite field test in Bogor, the performance of all high-furfurylated wood stakes (Scots pine, agathis pine, and sengon) was good: all stakes remained sound after 1 year in the field, whereas little of the control stakes remained (93% to 98% weight loss) (Table 3).
But the Agathis wasp could not prevent the casebearers from spreading.
The Agathis wasp - less than one-eighth inch long - is known to attack only the casebearer, but the newspaper story illustrates the lack of understanding that accompanied this new tiny hero on the western scene.
Foliage and wood preserved at Newvale indicate a diverse range of podocarps including Dacrycarpus, Dacrydium, Halocarpus, Microcachrys, Phyllocladus, Podocarpus, and Agathis.
The drowning of New Zealand and the problem of Agathis.
Long-lived conifers such as Agathis australis (Araucariaceae), Dacrydium cupressinum (Podocarpaceae), and Prumnopitys taxifolia (Podocarpaceae) typically have strongly discontinuous age structures in old-growth stands, consistent with regeneration in response to infrequent large-scale disturbance events.
without Nothofagus), regeneration of emergent conifers such as Agathis australis, Dacrydium cupressinum, and Prumnopitys taxifolia is associated primarily with coarse-scale disturbances, although such species also appear to respond to more localized openings on sites where harsh climatic or edaphic conditions reduce competition from associated angiosperms (Ogden and Stewart 1995).
One legacy from this past is that some conifer genera, such as Araucaria, Dacrydium, Podocarpus and Agathis, still occur in lowland rainforest, sometimes in extensive stands.
The latter, however, is dominated by conifers (Pinus, Agathis, Araucaria, Casuarina) and members of the Ericaceae (mainly Rhododendron and Vaccinium) and the Myrtaceae (especially, Eugenia, Rhodamnia and Tristania).
From 3,937 ft (1,200 m) upwards, on mica schists, the forests of the conifer Agathis montana with evergreen southern beeches (Nothofagus) recall the forests in New Guinea above 4,921 ft (1,500 m), with an understory rich in palms and tree ferns as well as in several families and genera that are endemic to the island.
Type of wood Average spe- Grade cific weight Durable Strong Agathis 0.
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