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For subterranean termite field tests in Bogor, furfurylation was also applied to two Indonesian wood species, agathis (Agathis dammara) and sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria) sapwood.
But the Agathis wasp could not prevent the casebearers from spreading.
This appears to have been a more common practice in the case of resins such as Agathis, from the Araucariaceae family, which is widespread in Insular Southeast Asia, but may also have taken place with Dipterocarpaceae or `dammar' type resins on the mainland (Burkill 1935).
Islands, local, distance, orchestrating, maps, Agathis australis, cloud, I, Jerusalem, double-margin, open, big one and AUP we have forgotten how to spell.
Numerous detached leaves of Agathis are present, and amber colored resin found throughout the Gore Lignite Measures is likely to be derived from Agathis, which has a long history in the New Zealand region (Lee et al.
Earlier the company produced semi finished goods supplied, veneer, to PT Tunggal Agathis Indah Wood Industries (PT TAIWI), which is also a subsidiary of the group.
Type of wood Average spe- Grade cific weight Durable Strong Agathis 0.
Business group Companies owned Barito Pacific Group BPT Banjarmasin, PT BPT Pontianak, PT Dusun Aro Forest, PT Djabar Utama Wood, PT Kampari Wood Industries Mangole Timber Producer Nansari Prima Plywood, PT Sangkulirang Bhakti Tunggal Agathis Indah, PT Tunggal Yudi Sawmill, PT Kalimanis Group Gani Mulia Sejahtera, PT Kalimanis Plywood, PT Jati Cahaya Cemerlang, PT Jati Dharma Indah, PT Kalhold Utama, PT Santi Murni Plywood, PT Djajanti Group Artika Optima Inti, PT Nusantara Plywood, PT Bumi Raya Group Ketapang Indah Plywood, PT Khatulistiwa Indah Wood Kurnia Kapuas Plywood, PT Kurnia Jaya Raya, PT Tri Ekasari Kalimantan Alas Kusuma Group Harjohn Timber, PT Mugi Triman Intercont.