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an impure form of quartz consisting of banded chalcedony

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She had bright hair tied up with a blue ribbon and her gay, lovely eyes were exactly like Colin's unhappy ones, agate gray and looking twice as big as they really were because of the black lashes all round them.
Huge columns carved out of single masses of marble, and inlaid from top to bottom with a hundred intricate figures wrought in costly verde antique; pulpits of the same rich materials, whose draperies hung down in many a pictured fold, the stony fabric counterfeiting the delicate work of the loom; the grand altar brilliant with polished facings and balustrades of oriental agate, jasper, verde antique, and other precious stones, whose names, even, we seldom hear-- and slabs of priceless lapis lazuli lavished every where as recklessly as if the church had owned a quarry of it.
In this northern part of Chile, within the Cordillera, old Indian houses are said to be especially numerous: by digging amongst the ruins, bits of woollen articles, instruments of precious metals, and heads of Indian corn, are not unfrequently discovered: an arrow-head made of agate, and of precisely the same form with those now used in Tierra del Fuego, was given me.
But if some other girl here in the town took a fancy to her brass crucifix, her agate heart or her velvet ribbon, she would make them over to her at once, glad to give happiness, for she lives by generous impulses.
Fire Agates, which have beautiful iridescent rainbow colors similar to opal, is an extremely rare precious gemstone found only in certain areas of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.
And the range of colors -- the bright agates, the neutrals -- is fun to play with.
AGATES are one of the most attractive of all semi-precious stones, popular both for jewellery and as specimens to collect in their own right.
Coca-Cola Enterprises has appointed Stuart Agates to the role of head of energy, tasked with maintaining the soaring sales growth of Relentless.
Agate has been found on every continent, but there are few illustrative references on the market devoted to agates alone.
And now the sand is moon-drenched and bare; / A silent mermaid combs her hair, / Watching the ebb of the restless tide, / She waits for another sun to rise / When Kate will gather new treasurely finds - / Moon snails and agates and sea urchin spines - / And build another castle of sand.
Although most state parks don't allow you to take anything away, here you can collect driftwood (up to 50 pounds) and agates in the zone between high and low tide.
In "A Fistful of Agates," Jane Larson Wipf offers readers a glimpse into her own loss, personal thoughts and expressions as a mother dealing with her son's life-long illness, and his untimely death at the age of seven.
Observing agate slices with transmission electron microscopy and ion mass spectroscopy, the two scientists found that the size of the tiny crystals and the degree of impurities change cyclically, forming the iris band's crystal pattern.