Agastache nepetoides

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erect perennial with stout stems and yellow-green flowers

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The Hannibal Woods site contains several vascular plants that are rare or uncommon in central Nebraska, including Agastache nepetoides (catnip giant hyssop), Arabis hirsuta var.
Agastache nepetoides (L.) Kuntze; Catnip or yellow giant hyssop; Path from gravel lot to eastern meadow [open woods]; Rare; C = 4; BSUH 17880.
Agastache nepetoides (L.) Kuntze; Yellow or Catnip Giant Hyssop; Slope woods; Rare; C = 4; BSUH 16007.
Agastache nepetoides (L.) Kuntze: yellow giant hyssop.
(#) Agastache nepetoides (L.) Kuntze; Catnip Giant Hyssop, Yellow Giant Hyssop; Dry field; Infrequent; C = 4; BSUH 13533.
Agastache nepetoides (L.) Kuntze: Catnip Giant Hyssop; infrequent; railroad bank and wooded fields; BSUH 10571.