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Agassiz (1872: 348) wrote that Holbrook "first compelled European recognition of American science by the accuracy and originality of his investigations" and that his "elaborate history of American Herpetology was far above any previous work on the same subject.
The assemblage comprises the psammosteids Pycnosteus palaeformis Preobrazhensky, Tartuosteus giganteus (Gross) and Psammolepis proia Mark-Kurik (Glinskiy 2012); the placoderms Actinolepis tuberculata Agassiz, Heterostius ingens Asmuss, Homostius latus Asmuss, Coccosteidae, Asterolepis sp.
The history of science is filled with examples of individuals with new ideas being met by the current scientific establishment not with enthusiasm, but rather with disregard and some times, even ridicule like Louis Agassiz with glaciation and Alfred Wegener with continental drift.
the Cheam Fishing Village, a riverside campground on the north side of the Fraser River located near the Agassiz Bridge, and the Cheam Trading Post, a wholesale/retail outlet for fresh and smoked salmon and other seafood, local and Okanagan fruit and berries and Aboriginal tourism products.
Louis Agassiz was a nineteenth-century ichthyological heavyweight, though his background included paleontology and geology.
Diane graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of British Columbia and worked for Agriculture Canada for thirteen years as a research assistant, first at the Research Station in Agassiz in the Fraser Valley, and later at the Vancouver Research Station on the UBC campus.
The massive Lake Agassiz formed, filled, and drained several times, modifying the landscape and exposing the ancient greenstone and quartz.
All the work from this newest deal will be divided between Britco s plants in Penticton and Agassiz.
If the Agassiz Club represents Clarence Hemingway's indelible stamp on Hemingway's youth, then an education in music is Grace Hemingway's.
Swiss-born Louis Agassiz was the most famous naturalist in America in the mid19th century.
At the center of the coalition were the leaders of American science, a small, internationally respected group, among them, in addition to Joseph Henry, Harvard's Louis Agassiz, a native of Switzerland and a brilliant student of rocks and fossils; and the geophysicist Alexander Dallas Bache, Benjamin Franklin's great-grandson, the head of the Coast Survey and an authority on terrestrial magnetism.
Events leading up to the sharp climate-cooling period known as the Younger Dryas, or more familiarly as the "Big Freeze," unfolded after glacial Lake Agassiz, at the southern edge of the Laurentide ice sheet covering Hudson Bay and much of the Canadian Arctic, catastrophically broke through an ice dam and rapidly dumped thousands of cubic kilometers of fresh water into the ocean.
Based on real events that happened in the farming community of Agassiz, British Columbia, during the Fraser River flood of 1948, this is the story of Tom, his best friend, Peggy, and his dog Amos.