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First record of Tulostoma gracilipes (Agaricales, Agaricaceae) for the Americas.
Cryptolepiota, a new sequestrate genus in the Agaricaceae with evidence for adaptive radiation in western North America.
The mushroom, Agaricus albolutescens belonged to the family Agaricaceae. The 50 plant species came from 31 families.
Familia Genero Caracteristicas importantes del habitat Agaricaceae Bovista Saprofito, sobre prados y pastos Pers.
Agaricus blazei Murrill mushroom (Agaricaceae) has received attention in folk medicine due to its medicinal values.
This species is the only member of the Agaricaceae thus far accepted for sequencing and joins a select group of other homobasidiomycete sequencing targets.
(Flora, Agaricaceae, Amanitaceae, Boletales, C, Lu, Po).
They and some other members of the same family (Agaricaceae) are safe and nutritious.
SPECIES MHTSU HABITAT RELATIVE HEBARIUM # FREQUENCY Family Agaricaceae Agaricus campestris (Fr.) 1020 soil/duff common Agaricus micromegathus Peck 1062 soil/duff infrequent Agaricus meleagris J.
sativa (Asteraceae); bok choy cabbage leaves; nappa cabbage leaves; sweet potato leaves; Irish (white) potato leaves, Solanum tuberosum (Solanaceae); mustard leaves, Brassica juncea (Brassicaceae); sliced zucchini fruit, Cucurbita pepo (Cucurbitaceae); sliced Irish potato tuber; sliced carrot taproot, Daucus carota sativus (Apiaceae); and sliced white mushroom, Agaricus bisporus (Agaricaceae).
PEZIZOMYCETES Pezizales Pyronemataceae Scutellinia scutellata BTS H (L.) Lambotte Sarcoscyphaceae Cookeina tricholoma BTS L (Mont.) Kuntze Phillipsia BTS L domingensis Berk BASIDIOMYCOTA AGARICOMYCETES Agaricales Agaricaceae Agaricus sylvaticus BQ T C Schaeff.