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Synonyms for agar

any culture medium that uses agar as the gelling agent

a colloidal extract of algae


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Agar Gel Immunodiffusion (AGID) was performed on 1% Noble Agar (Difco) prepared in borate buffer at pH 8.6.
and Bates, F., Agar gel immunodiffusion test for diagnosis of clinical paratuberculosis in cattle.
As a result, the line of precipitation in agar gel was detected in all dimples; the activity of IgG was not less than 1:32.
Serodiagnosis of equine infectious anemia by agar gel immunodiffusion and ELISA using a recombinant p26 viral protein expressed in Escherichia coli antigen.
multocida have been identified using indirect hem-agglutination test (Carter, 1967; Rimler and Rhoades, 1987), while 1 to 16 somatic types have been identified by agar gel immunodiffusion (AGID) test (Brogden and Packer, 1979).
Presence of the viral antigen in the BFs was confirmed using agar gel precipitation test (AGPT).
Agar gel surfaces containing the crude extract of P.
We describe 8 individuals with an unknown Hb variant for which the isoelectric focusing (IEF), citrate agar gel, and HPLC characteristics were suggestive for, but not definitively diagnostic of, Hb Austin.
Comparison of the absorbed ELISA and agar gel immunodiffusion test with clinicopathological findings in ovine clinical paratuberculosis.
In the agar gel models, the temperature of the GNR filled "X shape" was recorded over a period of 10 minutes.
Thirty mL of pupae ([approximately equal to] 1,600 individuals) were placed in each of 4 plexiglass cages (30 x 30 x 40 cm; 2 with GT flies, 2 with HW flies) with abundant food (a slab of sugar agar gel, 7.5 x 9 x 1 cm).
A propriedade de origem dos caprinos, localizada na regiao administrativa de Sao Sebastiao, Distrito Federal, foi inspecionada e foi colhido sangue de vinte femeas jovens e adultas de um rebanho de setenta animais, para realizacao do exame de imunodifusao em agar gel (IDGA) (ABREU et al., 1998) no Laboratorio de Doencas Infecciosas de Notificacao Obrigatoria na Universidade de Brasilia (DINO/UnB).