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small terrestrial lizard of warm regions of the Old World

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The rules for ordeals would seem to provide a glimpse into lay practices, a rarity in the priest- and initiate-centered Agamas.
The Chinese Madhyama Agama and the Pali Majjhima Nikaya.
9) A possible explanation is that the Agamas were presented purely as the Buddha's teaching, unaffected by any sectarian dogma.
Central Asian Sutra Fragments and their Relation to the Chinese Agamas.
The rites of worship at Tirupati are, theoretically, conducted in accordance with the large and complex set of scriptures generally referred to as the Vaikhanasa agamas, though I have not been able to find any reference to civet in these texts.
By far the greatest attention in the study of South Indian Saivism up to now has been devoted to the earliest works, the Agamas themselves and the paddhatis of early Saiva authors like Somasambhu and Aghorasiva (of the eleventh and twelfth centuries).
One of the twenty-eight core Agamas, the Diptagama is a lengthy work of some six thousand verses.
Japanese Studies on the Schools of the Chinese Agamas," In Zur Schulzugehorigkeit von Werken der Hinayana-Literatur 1, edited by H.
Though parallels found in the Chinese Agamas, among the fragments discovered in Central Asia, or in the Tibetan Kanjur and Tanjur collections usually agree closely with their Pali counterparts on the essentials of the teaching, (9) often enough they show interesting variations, which help to provide a complementary or even corrective perspective on the information offered in a Pali discourse.
The German text states that the Pancaratra samhitas, like the Saiva Agamas, can be characterized as ritual handbooks on the basis of their contents.
As she notes, paddhati works, much more than the principal Saiva Agamas, have provided practical guidance for generations of temple priests in southern India.
To optimize her results, the author compares these texts with parallel descriptions found in the agamas, insisting all the while on the originality of Somasambhu's manual (p.
This division is to be found in earlier agamas or tantras, too, but Abhinavagupta interprets it in his own way so as to prove the superiority of his own non-dualistic saiva system over the other forms of the saiva tradition.
If my calculation is correct, from 1961 until today at least nine volumes of the Institute's publication series have been devoted to Agamas.
All the elements of Virasaivism existed before Basava: the Sanskrit agamas to which the vacanakaras and later authors repeatedly refer for scriptural support; the sixty-three puratanaru, i.