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small terrestrial lizard of warm regions of the Old World

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The Chinese Madhyama Agama and the Pali Majjhima Nikaya.
I am most interested in snakes, lizards and agamas and that's why I head out at night a lot during summer when the sun hasn't come up and there are still some nocturnal creatures around.
The Suksmagama is named as one of the twenty-eight primary Agamas and also as one of the secondary texts or upagamas; it is not clear which one this text is (or how accurate our lists of texts are, for that matter).
Studies in Agama Literature, With Special Reference to the Shorter Chinese Samyuktagama.
29) Nevertheless, elsewhere in the Chinese Agamas material can be found that also considers female birth in a positive light.
The four Agamas preserved in Chinese translation are counterparts to the four main Nikayas in the Pali canon.
On the Formation of the Original Texts of the Chinese Agamas," Buddhist Studies Review 3 (1986) no.
Beginning from an analysis of two stories from the agamas in Chinese translation and their commentaries by Daoxuan (596-667) and Daoshi (596?
For over a half century now French and Indian scholars (with an occasional British director) have collaborated in an extraordinary project to collect, edit, publish, and translate the Sanskrit manuscripts of the Saiva Agamas and their ancillary works.
TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], (where my rendering assumes the last two instances of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] to be an error for [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], a frequent error in the Agamas, cf.
When the French Institute of Indology was established in 1955 under the direction of Jean Filliozat, the Saiva Agamas and the Sanskrit texts of the Saiva Siddhanta school were largely unknown to academic study.
Japanese Studies on the Schools of the Chinese Agamas," In Zur Schulzugehorigkeit von Werken der Hinayana-Literatur 1, edited by H.
As she notes, paddhati works, much more than the principal Saiva Agamas, have provided practical guidance for generations of temple priests in southern India.