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large genus of shrubby and climbing tropical plants having showy digitately compound foliage

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He is editor of the journal of aesthetics and cultural studies Agalma.
20) Chariton's Callirhoe, while technically no goddess, nevertheless fulfills this archetypal role: she is the agalma (1.
The Agalma kiosk, which has been on its present site for 23 years without a licence, was due to be demolished along with two others, but the owner has not complied, threatening to stall the whole operation.
Slavoj Zizek argues that true love only emerges when the fantasy-image that sustains the courtly love relationship has been destroyed: he writes, "I am truly in love not when I am simply fascinated by the agalma in the other, but when I experience the other, the object of love, as frail and lost, as lacking 'it,' and my love nonetheless survives this loss" (104).
In terms of clinical practice, Socrates behaves like the analyst to the extent that he knows he does not contain the precious agalma Alcibiades seeks.