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Agalma has turned into palea, and Heyst remains riveted to this decay which becomes part of himself, a self which, he then feels, has no lack.
That word, agalma, points out subtly that as the daughter of the house Iphigenia is an inappropriate offering; an agalma could mean statue, as it does in Euripides' Andromeda (fr.
Is this toy not l'objet petit a at its purest-the small object filling in the central gap, the hidden treasure, agalma, in the centre?
A large hole at its left end indicates that the tablet was once attached to or suspended from another surface, quite possibly the agalma itself.
Abruzzese), ecc., pubblicando riviste dai nomi esoterici e fantascientifici come "Agalma," "Athanor," "Gomorra, "Avatar," facendo circolare parole d'ordine come "paesaggi migratori," "mutazioni," "creolizzazione," "identita," "memoria," dando spazio a grandi vecchi come il francese Edgar Morin o a nuovi guru come lo sloveno Slavoj Zizek.
Trajan, for example, was honoured not only with a statue (agalma), but also a small sanctuary (naos) in the city centre.
Siphosome measurements in Agalma okeni were taken through the siphosome of the animal.
The Agalma kiosk, which has been on its present site for 23 years without a licence, was due to be demolished along with two others, but the owner has not complied, threatening to stall the whole operation.
Ho*s d' hote tis t' elephanta gune* phoiniki mie*ne*i Me*ionis e*e Kaeira, pare*ion emmenai hippo*n; keitai d' en thalamo*i, polees te min e*re*santo hippies phoreein; basile'i de ketiai agalma, amphoteron kosmos th' hippo*i elateri te kudos; toioi toi, Menelae, mianthe*n halmati me*roi euphuees knemai te ide sphura kal hupenerthe.
Slavoj Zizek argues that true love only emerges when the fantasy-image that sustains the courtly love relationship has been destroyed: he writes, "I am truly in love not when I am simply fascinated by the agalma in the other, but when I experience the other, the object of love, as frail and lost, as lacking 'it,' and my love nonetheless survives this loss" (104).
[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (19.255-7) For I myself gave these clothes to him, of the kind that you mention, after taking them out of the storeroom and folding them; and I also put the shining pin on that man, to be an agalma. Clothes and pin act as Penelope's signature on Odysseus.