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semiparasitic herb with purple or white or pink flowers

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Some relatively infrequent species appear characteristic of more open stands on drier ground (i1): Agalinis gattingeri, Crotolaria sagittalis, Dichanthelium laxiflorum, Potentilla simplex, Spiranthes ovalis, Symphyotrichum laeve var.
Agalinis auriculata, Desmodium ochroleucum, Echinacea purpurea, Prenanthes aspera, Silphium integrifolium (or perhaps S.
A number of studies have provided some information on the ecology and biology of Agalinis auriculata.
Although the above ecological information has been vital for conservation efforts for Agalinis auriculata, genetic information has been missing.
Variation in individual flowering time and reproductive success of Agalinis strictifolia (Scrophulariaceae).
If the hairs are on the upper side, the bee turns over and pollen is dusted on its front, as, for example, in Aureolaria, Agalinis (Agalineae), and Gratiola neglecta (Gratioleae) (Pennell, 1935).
In Agalinis (Agalineae), the flowers of bee-pollinated North and South American species are bell-shaped, pink with guide spots and lines, and stigma and anthers positioned at the rim of the corolla tube (Pennell, 1935); the flowers of presumably hummingbird-pollinated South American species are tubular, red, with exserted stigma and stamens (J.
Other plants found at the site included Agalinis fasciculate (Ell.
SC/NM 6 N P U SpSu SCROPHULAREACEAE Agalinis aspera (Dougl.
Herbaceous plants occurring in both sedge meadows include Agalinis purpurea, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Filipendula rubra, Galium triflorum, Lobelia kalmii, Lysimachia quadriflora, Monarda fistulosa, Oxypolis rigidior, Pedicularis lanceolata, Pilea fontana, Pycnanthemum virginianum, Rudbeckia hirta var.
Agalinis purpurea * * Forb Species Liberty Grove Croton texensis * Artemisia sp.
Other flowering herbaceous plants include Agalinis tenuifolia, Agastache scrophulariaefolia, Allium vineale, Apocynum cannabinum, Erechtites hieracifolia, Euphorbia maculata, Monarda clinopodia (on the edge of Farmer's Field bordered by Lily Meadow), Penthorum sedoides, Physalis longifolia, Polygonum aviculare, Potentilla norvegica, P.
A light and scanning electron microscope study of seed morphology in Agalinis (Scrophulariaceae) and its taxonomic significance.
Seed surface features in Aureolaria, Brachystigma, Tomanthera, and certain South American Agalinis (Scrophulariaceae).