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appealing to personal considerations (rather than to fact or reason)

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SUNDERLAND Crime 2010/11 2011/12 Percentage Change Criminal damage 4,468 3,833 -14.2% Violent crime4,001 3,479 -13% Violence against the person (with injury) 2,022 1,574 -22.2% Violence against the person (without injury) 1,617 1,545 -4.5% Vehicle crime 1,592 1,513 -5% Drug crime 1,147 1,116 -2.7% Burglary 1,997 1,908 -4.5% Sexual offences 249 244 -2% Serious acquisitive crime2,449 2,353 -3.9% Racially and religiously aggravated crimes 116 104 -10.3% Other crime 5,750 5,813 +1.1% TOTAL CRIME 18,995 17,662 -6.8% Chief Superintendent Kay Blyth, of Sunderland Area Command, said: "Crime has once again fallen across Sunderland.
HOW CRIME HAS FALLEN Recorded Crime Figures Summary (and South Wales ranking in brackets among 43 other forces): Recorded crime down 11.7% in South Wales (9th most improved) Robbery down 27.3% (2nd most improved) Dwelling burglary down 12.8% (11th most improved) Vehicle crime down 23.2% (7th most improved) Criminal damage down 21% (10th most improved) Violence against the person down 6.7% (17th most improved)
"The CPS has concluded that there is insufficient evidence to charge, and thus no further action will be taken against the person arrested at this time."
She said between the financial years 2005/06 and 2008/09, violence against the person decreased by 3,627 offences on Teesside, which is equivalent to a reduction of more than 25%.
'We have dealt with cases where violence against the person have been severe, where the victim has suffered serious cuts and bruises.
Violence against the person (277), theft (247) and sexual offences (153) were the most common crimes.
Offences of wounding, threats to kill, possession of weapons, violence against the person and harassment were all up an average of 12%.
The Offences Against the Person Act 1861 has been rarely used in recent years.
Middlesbrough's place in the league table came despite a drop of 8% in the number of acts of violence against the person - from 5,119 in 2006/2007 to 4,721 this year.
In other countries, Albayalde said suspected terrorists can be detained for a month even without a case filed in court, given that the evidence is strong against the person.
When asked, Post Master General Zaheerullah Khattak expressed severe disappointment over the late delivery of the post to the applicant and vowed to take disciplinary action against the person who was behind this case.
Summary: An arrested warrant was issued against the person within hours after the video went viral.
In Leicestershire, there were 18,985 violence against the person crimes reported in the year to September 2017, the latest figures, a 29 per cent rise from 14,726 reports in the year ending September 2009.
As the forgery was proved, action has been initiated against the accused Shahzad Hassan and other persons involved in it as per law and DCO Jhang has been directed to take legal action against the person committing forgery.
The current NSW Anti-Discrimination Act applies penalties of up to 5500 dollars and six months' jail for inciting hatred, contempt or ridicule against a person or group based on their race, only if it is proved that the person threatened physical harm against the person or group, or their property, or incited others to do so, the report added.