ad hominem

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appealing to personal considerations (rather than to fact or reason)

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He said those who lodged the reports also asked the police to take immediate action against the man as his irresponsible and provocative postings could spark tensions.
A case was lodged against the man at Khadhar Police Station.
The 16-second clip has been seen over 4.22 million times as of this writing, and a number of criticisms were also leveled against the man's behavior.
Summary: Police have filed murder charges against the man.
The anti-dengue team lodged a complaint with the police thorough Secretary Union Council Kotha Kallan against the man.
The man was held for stalking related charges and he could also face a total of 100 charges after women complained against the man.
Khaled Al-Adyani, who filed the case, accuses the ministry of abrogating a ruling against the man who handed him the check.
THE family of a murdered French woman battered to death six years ago, are taking court action against the man suspected of killing her.
'He realised that he couldn't spend the money because it was all serialized and recorded,' said agent Stu Shoaff, who described the man as 'nervous.' Federal prosecutors decided not to bring charges against the man, who was not identified.
The mother of murdered schoolboy John Rogers yesterday revealed she is planning a private prosecution against the man cleared of his killing.