ad hominem

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appealing to personal considerations (rather than to fact or reason)

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The family of Sophie du Plantier, who was murdered in West Cork, say they are considering civil proceedings against the man they believe killed her.
Police said Wednesday they will pursue a first-degree murder charge against the man accused in the death of his 4-year-old son.
Fullerton said detectives are still investigating and pondering whether to file charges against the man, whose name was not immediately released.
Phillip Caputo was Cosby's best friend and testified in the murder trial against the man ultimately convicted of killing the only son of entertainer Bill Cosby.
Additional allegations of special circumstances also were made against the man, Marco Esquivel Barragon, 35, that could lead to the death penalty for him.
He wanted no part of testifying against the man accused of being his partner in crime.
Police officials said no criminal charges will be sought against the man.
But on the other hand, given the grievances and the complaints, and the whole litany of things I have against the man, it blew me away,'' she said.
The district attorney's office decided against pressing charges against the man who shot Blakey because there was strong evidence that the shooter acted in self-defense.
But one game that lasted 90 moves was justified: Kamsky just could not win a two-pawns-ahead ending against the man who held the world championship from 1975 to 1985 and who is one of the all-time greatest technicians.
Investigators say at least one other accusation has been brought against the man by the father of an 11-year-old New Mexico youth.