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a tremor (or one of a series of tremors) occurring after the main shock of an earthquake

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85[degrees] N and 34 75-34 9[degrees] E where two strong aftershocks (Md 5.
Unfortunately, the aftershocks are continuing and this is creating concern for the citizens," he said.
Washington, Jumada I 10, 1433, Apr 2, 2012, SPA -- A strong apparent aftershock from a powerful earthquake late last month shook Mexico Monday, officials said.
The focus of the quake, which is believed to be an aftershock of the March 11 killer quake, was off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture at a depth of about 57 kilometers, according to the agency.
Aftershocks from New Zealand's latest earthquakes in Christchurch have caused the death of one nursing home resident whilst injuring 46 others.
Hundreds of aftershocks have shaken the north-east region devastated by the March 11 earthquake, but few have been stronger than 7.
Due to the [March 11 quake], the risk of landslides or buildings collapsing is higher than usual and there are possibilities of further damage with aftershocks," deputy chief Cabinet secretary Tetsuro Fukuyama said last week.
The Ministry said in a statement on Friday that a series of strong aftershocks from last month's devastating quake rocked Chile.
Moments before Pinera was sworn in on Thursday, three strong aftershocks hit the country, the strongest of which was 6.
Analyzing worldwide earthquake data, Stein and Liu found that aftershocks died off a decade or so after major quakes where the sides of a fault moved past each other at an average of more than 10 millimeters per year.
The trapped water has formed a 34billion gallon lake near Beichuan, one of the towns hit hardest by the May 12 quake and aftershocks.
Hundreds of hotel guests and hospital patients were evacuated, and aftershocks kept the US state on edge.
There have been more than two dozen aftershocks since the main quake, including a 6.
While the maps will not predict the ``Big One,'' seismologists said the technology could help determine the location and likelihood of aftershocks following major temblors, said Lucy Jones, scientist in charge of the U.
It was the strongest among aftershocks after the Sunday earthquake,'' he said.