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Synonyms for siesta

Synonyms for siesta

a brief sleep

to sleep for a brief period

Words related to siesta

a nap in the early afternoon (especially in hot countries)

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Judge Karen O'Connor said she considered it very serious a family home, where a mother and her twins were taking an afternoon nap, was violated.
In this small study, preschoolers were deprived of roughly three hours of sleep on one day - they had no afternoon nap and were kept up for about two hours past their normal bedtime - before being awakened at their regularly scheduled times the next morning.
Baby Martha enjoyed an afternoon nap, with mum Jennifer rocking the pram, and Willis, 26, said: "My life is so much better now I'm married and have a kid.
A study involving nearly 3,000 older adults recorded participants' night-time sleep habits, and noted whether they took an afternoon nap and, if so, how long they napped.
When the Hare finally awakens from his too late afternoon nap, the Tortoise is nowhere in sight, but he hears faint cheering in the distant finish line area.
Benenden, a health-care and insurance firm, surveyed 2,000 people and found that needing an afternoon nap, groaning while bending down and not remembering the name of any modern bands are some of the signs you're no longer young, the Washington Post reported.
His parents had failed to wake him up after his afternoon nap, hospital sources told Times of Oman.
I thought in my own home I was entitled to an afternoon nap but instead I have to put up with phone pests several times a week, asking some personal questions about my life.
He said he woke his father who was taking an afternoon nap and was planning to leave home with the family.
A Taking an afternoon nap can revitalize you, and some studies suggest that napping can improve memory and alertness.
A leisurely stroll and an afternoon nap, plus cuddles and going to the beach.
Dr Ayyub added that sleeping for two or three hours after the dawn prayer, then taking an afternoon nap after work and finally catching up on sleep between the night and pre-dawn prayers are ideal for most people.
Dubai An Indian servant yesterday denied the charges of peeping at a woman as she was wearing her nightdress while taking her afternoon nap in her bedroom.
might make you more productive because the biological drive for an afternoon nap is universal.
makes more sense when it's broken up by an afternoon nap. But some Spaniards question whether a workday interrupted by a long, nonproductive break is compatible with the modern world.