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an image (usually a negative image) that persists after stimulation has ceased

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If I wait still longer in this dark night, this deserted place, not only the physical world but also the activity inside me switches off or falls quiet and the retinal afterimages fade away.
Surprisingly, attention and awareness had different effects, the team reported in 2010 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: The more attention a person deployed, the shorter the afterimage lasted.
But I think that the afterimages reflect brain activities and provide us the means to know those activities in a directly visible form," he added.
Preserve relocated to New York City later in 1998, and the last issue of its periodical afterimages appeared in the Summer of 1999.
His broken body is the afterimage of my 21st year," Lorde writes in "Afterimages" (1981).
Rodowick, Afterimages of Gilles Deleuze's Film Philosophy (University of Minnesota Press, 2010), Page 416 ISBN 978 0816650064.
It is the film poster that helps produce such afterimages.
What is truly compelling about Churchland's account is that he derives empirical consequences for the model based on fatigue states that should produce surprising afterimages, such as self-luminous green (it seems to glow) and blue that is as dark as black, and provides plates so that the reader can experience these impossible colors for herself.
Symbolically, Till was murdered the same summer that Lorde, born in 1934, turned 21; her coming of age is linked to witnessing the afterimages of crime, then and in the future.
For more information about afterimages and additional illusions to try, go to: http://staff.
Intelligent Optical Systems won an award to work on its prototype dazzler that uses an array of super-bright diode clusters to disorientate crowds with strong afterimages.
I blink my eyes to capture the single frame afterimages on my closed eyelids.
Among the many attractions of Wonder and Science is its sustained scrutiny of the afterimages of a wide variety of texts, an approach that frees them to some extent of convenient generic classifications and the expectations that such taxonomies engender.
Experts say beams from the pointers can leave afterimages in people's vision, cause temporary vision loss and are capable of damaging retinas and nerves in the eye.
As your hands move rapidly back and forth, they leave a lot of afterimages of their changing positions.