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a device injects fuel into a hot exhaust for extra thrust

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In gross terms, the cost of opening a coffee roasting business or a roaster/retailer shop may have just increased from the cost of a roaster to the cost of a roaster and an afterburning system of some sort.
Advances in turbine cooling technology in the 40 years since the SR-71 first flew allow the YJ102R to provide more than six times the specific thrust of the SR-71 engines, allowing the RATTLRS vehicle to cruise at similar Mach numbers without the high fuel consumption of afterburning engines.
Afterburning targets can be detected at up to 90 km.
These include low drag external lines with wing-body blending, a variable camber swept wing with strakes, relaxed static stability, a rugged airframe capable of 8g turns, a powerful afterburning turbofan engine and a digital electronic flight control system.
5-kN AI-222-28 engines and additional fuel, and the supersonic Yak-135 with two afterburning AI-222s or a single Klimov RD-33F.
On November 8th the afterburner lit and ran in zone one of its three-zone afterburning configuration.
The F119 is a 35,000-pound thrust class turbofan, capable of extended supersonic flight without afterburning.
It will power the Raptor to extended supersonic flight without afterburning, known as supercruise.
ASTOVL requirements include short takeoff and vertical landing performance, low-observable features, and supersonic flight without using engine afterburning as well as significant survivability and supportability benefits.
Powered by two 98 kN General Electric F414-GE-400 afterburning turbofans, the single-seat F/A-18E has an empty weight of 14,552 kg, carries 6780 kg of internal fuel, and has a maximum take-off weight of 29,937 kg.