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a device injects fuel into a hot exhaust for extra thrust

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It is a convention al afterburning turbojet for takeoff and transonic flight, and it approximates a ramjet during high-speed supersonic cruise.
delivery and operational installation of an incineration plant with catalytic afterburning (exhaust air purification), Consisting of 2 identical ashing furnaces, A switching and control system with user interface, A control and evaluation computer, Including connection to the low voltage system of the building, A briefing by german-speaking experts on site and the delivery of a german and english speaking manual.
Open sources state that the aircraft may be more expensive than the rival M-346 or Hawk ML128/T2 AJT/LIFTs (see above), and its afterburning turbofan likely puts an additional strain on maintenance requirements.
Perhaps corporate interest was absorbed in other efforts of commercial turbofan development, afterburning turbofan development (for the F-111), and a Mach 3+ turbojet engine development (for the SR-71).
of combustible compounds and a surplus of sensible heat in the gas make it possible to include a waste-heat boiler into the complex of UTT-3000 retort, including afterburning of stack gas, prior to introducing the gases into AFD.
What are the future trends in afterburning equipment?
It also facilitates endurance in the training area owing to moderate fuel consumption when compared to supersonic alternatives with afterburning engines.
Delivery and operational installation of a littering system with catalytic post-combustion (exhaust air purification), Consisting of two identical furnaces, A switching and control system with operator interface, A control and evaluation computer, An instruction by local german specialists and the delivery of a german and english manual , Optionally, An annual maintenance of the incinerator with catalytic afterburning (exhaust air purification) must be carried out for a period of 48 months.
The degraded performance was attributed to excessive afterburning that overheated the engine oil and fused and jammed bearings.
Afterburning engines are always impressive to watch at night as the blue flame extends twenty feet behind the tail and the vibration seems to shake your whole body.
Fluidics allows you to do this without losing any afterburning or thrust vectoring functionality.
ITEC) Tuesday announced that its TFE1042-70 afterburning turbofan engine has accumulated more than 100,000 field operating hours in the Republic of China Air Force (RoCAF) Indigenous Defensive Fighter (IDF).
91] They would develop a high-performance afterburning turbofan Advanced Technology Engine (ATE), drawing upon the experience gained in the development of the lift-cruise engine of the U.
Engineers at AlliedSignal Engines in Phoenix redesigned their own TFE 1042 afterburning turbofan engine to develop the 10-megawatt ASE120 industrial gas turbine for power-generation and compressor-drive applications.