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Synonyms for profit

make money




profit from something


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Synonyms for profit

something beneficial

something that contributes to or increases one's well-being

something earned, won, or otherwise acquired

the quality of being suitable or adaptable to an end

to make a large profit

to derive advantage

to be an advantage to

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Synonyms for profit

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Year-end financial results included year to date after-tax earnings of USD3,390,000 compared to USD2,229,000 a year ago representing a 52% increase.
Factoring out special items in both years, however, Cardinal fared considerably better, with adjusted after-tax earnings from ongoing lines rising 6% to $622 million from $587 million in the first nine months of 2009.
Aetna's after-tax earnings were reduced by $232 million because of losses on securities, including those of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
Countrymark closed fiscal year 2005 with record after-tax earnings of $40.5 million.
Mesa reported after-tax earnings of $10.9 million on operating revenues of $339 million.
During the first quarter of this year, Pacific Continental also recognized $138,000 in stock option expenses, which reduced after-tax earnings per share by about one cent for the quarter.
Mesa Air Group Inc has reported its after-tax earnings for the first quarter.
The corrections are expected to reduce after-tax earnings by about $1.3 million plus a reduction in third-party-purchased standing timber inventory of about $2 million.
884 levies a 30% branch-profits tax on a foreign insurer's effectively connected after-tax earnings (unless reduced or eliminated by a treaty) not reinvested in a U.S.
It found that a person in full-time work on the average wage of pounds 22,000 a year would collect a state pension equivalent to 48% of their after-tax earnings. In contrast, state pension schemes in most other developed nations - including Austria, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Turkey - provided 75% of an employee's after-tax earnings.
Researchers found that a person in full-time work on the average wage of pounds 22,000 a year would collect a state pension equivalent to 48per cent of their after-tax earnings.
Sixteen states have earned income tax credit (EITC) programs designed to supplement the after-tax earnings of low- and moderate-income working families.
This comes on top of an interim pay-out of 2.5p based on the after-tax earnings from continuing activities, which covered it 1.7 times.
After-tax earnings per share came in at 107.6c, up from 78.4c last year.
Pro forma after-tax earnings--GAAP after-tax earnings adjusted for nonrecurring items of revenues, costs, and expenses--has been used by shareholders and analysts as a starting point for projecting future after-tax earnings when making investment decisions.