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an American whose ancestors were born in Africa

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This decision was taken, thanks to the active and positive interventions of African and Afroamerican members participating in the Congress, who underlined the necessity to link better with the too-often "Forgotten continent".
He also read Malcolm X, the autobiography of the US political activist who was a founder of the Organization of AfroAmerican Unity and assassinated for his views in 1965.
The successful candidate will help organise an exhibition on the Blaxploitation movement a genre of AfroAmerican film which emerged in the 60s and 70s as race riots broke out in cities across the US.
Clair Drake's Black Folk Here and There: An Essay in History and Anthropology (University of California Center for AfroAmerican Studies, February 1991) also situates African descendants within a global context, examining issues of racism and colorism over time and across geographies.
5) Richard Yarborough speaks of the book's cultural power: "With its extraordinary synthesizing power, Uncle Tom's Ca bin presented AfroAmerican characters, however derivative and distorted, who leaped with incredible speed to the status of literary paradigms and even cultural archetypes with which subsequent writers--black and white--had to reckon" ("Strategies" 47).
It's a way to improve opportunities in communities where there are few opportunities currently- to make money and do the right thing at the same time," says Warren Wheatley, founder of FreshOnLine, professor of economics and Afroamerican and African studies at the University of Michigan.
While Williams was searching for a modern American idiom, Tolson was seeking a modern, international idiom--through which the Afroamerican subject would at last stride boldly onto the stage of World Literature.
Adams is a professor and chair of the AfroAmerican Studies Department at Howard University, Washington, D.
He has published a number of scholarly works including: Workings of the Spirit: The Poetics of AfroAmerican Women's Writing and Black Studies, Rap and the Academy.
Lomax earned a PhD in American and AfroAmerican Literature from Emory University in Atlanta, a Master of Arts in English Literature from Columbia University in New York, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Morehouse College in Atlanta.
Celebrating the American Ambassador in Black History" in AfroAmerican, February 26, 2014.
Turner to teach at the University of Michigan in the Department of English and the Center for Afroamerican and African Studies.
Four human groups were recognized: (a) Indigenous, original population of a particular geographic region; (b) Mestizo, population of mixed origin, born from a father and mother of different race, generally white-indigenous; (c) Afroamerican, population of black race descendant of African slaves brought to America; in the study area they only live in the Choc6 of Colombia and Ecuador; and (d) Colono, native to an ecoregion different to the one where they presently live due to recent migrations (e.
Once the Dog Day Afternoon stand-off arrives - complete with a set of stereotype hostages (mouthy macho wife-beating creep, the woman about to give birth, AfroAmerican hustler Latina who can't speak English and her crying baby, dedicated junior medic) - and everyone sits around discussing healthcare problems and medical profession backscratching, Cassavetes ratchets everything up so high that when, as John offers a self-sacrificing solution and Payne tears up and gets mushy, the whole thing seems like a MAD magazine parody.
Culture Clash, Survival, and Trans-formation: A Study of Some Innovative AfroAmerican Novels of Detection.