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(13) The genealogical relationships between the Omotic groups and their affiliation to Afro-Asiatic are still debated issues among specialists (for an overview, see Amha 2012).
At a minimum, Greece should declare a unilateral departure from the so-called "Dublin II Regulation," designed by our West European "partners" with the sole purpose it seems of saddling Greece, a prisoner of her geography, with all the Afro-Asiatic throngs arriving through Turkey.
Speech in Afro-Asiatic languages: Afroasiatic words for speech and related meanings
Focus strategies in African languages; the interaction of focus and grammar in Niger-Congo and Afro-Asiatic.
This emergence of BT into parts of Europe never before affected was attributed mainly to climate change and was linked to the northern expansion of the major Old World vector Culicoides imicola (Kieffer), which is an Afro-Asiatic species of biting midge (13).
The term used by historians to describe African races and linguistic patterns such as Afro-Asiatic or Afro-Hamitic and their social formation, historical evolution, language, hieroglyphic scripts, and cultural artifacts are not included in this analysis.
The four largest families (Afro-Asiatic, Austronesian, Indo-European, and Niger-Congo) are each represented by at least four languages, while all other families are represented by three languages at most.
However, in ancient Hebrew, a language classified within the Afro-Asiatic family of languages, ruah ha-qodesh meant 'holy spirit,' which was later translated into Greek pneuma hagion and thence Latin spiritus sanctus.
Beside Afro-transatlantic and Afro-Asiatic axes, Kornegay sees a third geo-economic axis that Africa should look to: the Eur-African connection.
The Tamazight language is a branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family and has about 300 closely related local dialects.
He is currently working on a book-length project entitled Black Dragon: Toward an Afro-Asiatic Imagination.
and the fifth century A.D., and to have spoken an Afro-Asiatic (=Hamito-Semitic) language related to Tamahaq (=Tamashek), the language of the Tuareg.
Celtic languages - Irish, Scots Gaelic and Welsh - have grammatical traits found in Afro-Asiatic tongues, according to research published in Science Week magazine.
Compared with the Visigoths who had preceded them as overlords of Iberia, the Moors -- themselves of hybrid Afro-Asiatic stock -- were racially colourblind and did not discriminate against other monotheists (`People of the Book', meaning Christians and Jews) on the basis of ethnic origin or pigmentation.
After establishing the question of autonomy or theonomy of human rights, Possenti examines two non-Western objections, namely the Afro-Asiatic and the Islamic, to the universality of human rights.