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Part I, "Comparative Afro-Asiatic (Hamito-Semitic)," contains seven papers.
Activity is positively correlated with temperature and reaches a maximum between 28[degrees]C and 30[degrees]C; activity decreases when the temperature drops and, for the traditional Afro-Asiatic vector C.
Strategies of intensification as exemplified in (47) seem to be particularly widespread among Afro-Asiatic languages (e.
However, in ancient Hebrew, a language classified within the Afro-Asiatic family of languages, ruah ha-qodesh meant 'holy spirit,' which was later translated into Greek pneuma hagion and thence Latin spiritus sanctus.
Beside Afro-transatlantic and Afro-Asiatic axes, Kornegay sees a third geo-economic axis that Africa should look to: the Eur-African connection.
The Tamazight language is a branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family and has about 300 closely related local dialects.
He is currently working on a book-length project entitled Black Dragon: Toward an Afro-Asiatic Imagination.
and to have spoken an Afro-Asiatic (=Hamito-Semitic) language related to Tamahaq (=Tamashek), the language of the Tuareg.
Celtic languages - Irish, Scots Gaelic and Welsh - have grammatical traits found in Afro-Asiatic tongues, according to research published in Science Week magazine.
Compared with the Visigoths who had preceded them as overlords of Iberia, the Moors -- themselves of hybrid Afro-Asiatic stock -- were racially colourblind and did not discriminate against other monotheists (`People of the Book', meaning Christians and Jews) on the basis of ethnic origin or pigmentation.
After establishing the question of autonomy or theonomy of human rights, Possenti examines two non-Western objections, namely the Afro-Asiatic and the Islamic, to the universality of human rights.
In 1987 Martin Bernal published the first volume of a projected trilogy entitled Black Athena: The Afro-Asiatic Roots of Classical Civilization (Rutgers UP).
They were a diverse people speaking various Afro-Asiatic dialects.
Focus strategies in African languages; the interaction of focus and grammar in Niger-Congo and Afro-Asiatic.
Tamashek is a division of Tuareg, the southern branch of Berber, which is part of the Afro-Asiatic or Hamito-Semitic family of languages.