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Synonyms for Afro-American

an American whose ancestors were born in Africa

pertaining to or characteristic of Americans of African ancestry

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Blake is concerned primarily with the ahistorical disconnection and ideologically problematic and exploitative appropriation of things African and Afro-American by Europeans.
Although at-risk factors affect youth of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, we chose to focus this review of counseling issues and strategies on at-risk Afro-American (1) youth for several reasons.
In the past such "reformers" have persuaded administrators to admit more women, Afro-Americans, and Hispanic-Americans without regard to their preparation, often by lowering standards of admission for the latter two groups, and to appoint more women, Afro-American, and Hispanic professors, often by lowering standards of appointment.
diss., Harvard University, 1987), Paul-Elliott Cobbs's "William Grant Still's The Afro-American Symphony: A Culturally Inclusive Perspective" (D.M.A.
moments in Afro-American literature and culture while deconstructing (in
Sernett, ed., Afro-American Religious History: A Documentary Witness (Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 1985); and a short introductory account, Albert J.
As Australian youths continue to imitate the style, dress, and language of African American youths in shopping malls and train stations, we need to be reminded that Afro-American attitudes are often borne out of poverty, violence, anger and fatalism.
The Baltimore Afro-American, 1892-1950 Howard Farrar Greenwood Publishing Group 220 Pages.
Appiah is Professor of Philosophy and of Afro-American Studies at Harvard University and the author of In My Father's House.
To avoid Afro-American neighbours, many white people left for the suburbs.
The problem, she says, is that the pure stream of life-affirming Afro-American music, which gets a loving historical overview from her, has been polluted by an injection of attitudes and approaches imported from the European modernist avant-garde.
From the vantage point of a twentieth-century African commentator, Crummell's version of European (or Afro-American) evangelism in Africa is inverted.
In far too many quarters, identifying with progressive politics is perfectly compatible with reliance on racial shorthand and, therefore, with the disposition to view Afro-American life as simultaneously opaque to those outside it (thus the need for black interpreters and line-bearers) and smoothly organic (with exceptions made for the odd, inauthentic "sellout" leaders).
Historic preservation and the New York Afro-American community have won a battle over protecting an ancient burial ground (in prime real estate).