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a rounded thickly curled hairdo

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"I have been doing some research into Afro- Caribbean food and ingredients and some of them are like medicines, for example, plantains (they look like bananas, but are bigger and longer with thicker skin) are good for lowering blood pressure," Grace adds.
"Most people these days are able to cook Chinese and Indian food at home; now they can learn to cook Afro- Caribbean," says Grace.
This can be illustrated by an excerpt from an interview with Fernando, one of the two highest-ranking Afro-Brazilian professionals identified by Afro- and Euro-Brazilians in Boa Vista and Vasalia.
Neither Afro- nor Euro-Brazilians commented on this or the virtual absence of Afro-Brazilians in material on contemporary Brazilian culture and society.
He focuses specifically on the photography of anthropologist Romulo Lachatanere and Piri Thomas's memoir Down These Mean Streets to show how these texts exemplify instances of an (Afro-)boricua identification among Afro-Cuban American artists.
It seems the author tends to use a popular or commercial understanding of the term Afro-Cuban in which all Cuban and Cuban-derived popular musics get the prefix "Afro-" tacked on.