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a rounded thickly curled hairdo

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Os Movimentos da Pastoral Afro na America Latina, Central e Caribe
Afro Packaging & Food Exhibition is where the international and domestic visitors meet the world's leading food processing and packaging professional manufacturers.
It takes a scientific but simple approach to the care of Afro hair, beginning with a description of its structure and how it differs from other hair types.
Meanwhile, Mundo Afro does not have a priority theme; rather, it seeks to promote all of their rights.
Jackson, join Afro in his tale of revenge as he searches for his father's murderer and the holder of the coveted number one headband.
He said: "The Afro greeting card industry is still very much unchar-tered territory in the UK and one thing that struck me when looking around was where do Africans or Afro-Caribbeans buy greeting cards?
His Afro, which was 20cm long, took three years to cultivate and two hours for his mum Juliana Abizie, 38, to style every fortnight.
However, the mean hs-CRP levels were significantly lower in foreign-born Afro Caribbean American women and Afro Caribbean women born in the United States, compared with levels in African American women (1 mg/L, 1.
Afro American clients generally are very attuned to subtle racist communicative nuances and other nonverbal messages expressed by the counselor, and these subliminal "vibes" determine whether the client will be treated with respect in a safe environment (Boyd Franklin, 1989).
One of the younger Afro blocks, Cortejo Afro, with whom Arto had collaborated in the past, agreed to give us one of their three nights.
BUBBLY stylist Patricia Johnson is launching Coventry's first Afro hairdressing course at Henley College's hair and beauty department.
The 31-year-old from Small Heath, Birmingham, has a talent for creating funky, way-out Afro styles for his more daring clients.
the aesthetics element, the Afro-hairstyle and Afro clothing .
Finally, Josie's Cabaret opened, and put on the first production by the Pomo Afro Homos.
Google partnered with the AFRO and helped to digitize the newspaper's historic archives and make them searchable on-line and available to anyone, anywhere in the world.