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Synonyms for Afrikaans

an official language of the Republic of South Africa

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belonging or relating to white people of South Africa whose ancestors were Dutch or to their language


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Nationbuilding: Theory & practice in Afrikan centered education.
Being Afrikan: Rediscovering the traditional Unhu-Botho pathways of being human.
I believe Jerry Ward to be a person of integrity and intellectual rigor who is committed to the Pan Afrikan World and its people and their Collective Culture.
Of course, the quote above makes sense from the perspective of the question of why would one want Afrikans fighting and then becoming too crippled to do their work?
Long before the Europeans arrived in their slave ships the Afrikans had created many highly developed civilizations.
Conventional wisdom has cast men as the sole actors and agents of socio-economic and political struggles, and has entrenched male-centred experiences of social reality as universal and scientific; women are completely erased, especially the ordinary Afrikan woman.
"I learned infinitely more about Afrikan history in the United States and Afrika (Not the Caribbean); about the colonialism in education with respect to Africana Studies Departments; including corrupt Afrikans within the departments themselves; issues of political economy, social science, research methodology, culture and politics in Afrika and Afrikan Americans." (1988)
Even more than all this, for us as Afrikans, it is her posture that calls us to her and inspires us to be unapologetically and forcefully, Afrikan.
It is highly dubious that Gates' "Black friendly" posturing of "tough love," "agonizing" about the genocide committed against Afrikan people (that, incidentally, Afrikans are solely responsible for in his white-supremacist-sanctioned view), or eschewing of "the penchant of white racists to demean, deny, or denigrate the civilizations that black people have produced on the African continent" is sincere (Gates, 2000, p.
the plan of the governments of the states and the United States [was] to turn the New [World] Afrikans, held as slaves, into willing subservients, unaware of their distinguished history and, therefore, willing subservients because they were unaware.
Such a colonialist mindset seemingly, has harshly been imposed upon the sons of the soil (18) (individuals of all genders, who consider themselves as Afrikans, inclusive of all complexity, associated with this concept, whether denotatively or connotatively).
arranged an international conference on Afrika, in Berlin in November 15, 1884-February 26, 1885 (McKay et al, 1996:896)" to serve as an excellent example of gatherings or conventions wherein Afrika had no representatives and yet, decisions concerning Afrika and Afrikans were discussed, adopted and implemented.
Given the amount of insults that Afrika and Afrikans have had to endure, why should it matter that bespectacled scholars, mostly from the descendants of Conrad and Leopold's hue do not and most probably will most likely vehemently vow never to subscribe to Afrocentricity, may raise the point of clarity from what has been stipulated above.
So even though these are Afrikans and Afrikan academics, in the enterprise of related disciplines such as political science, based in Afrika, they serve as classic cases of Afrikanists from amongst those referred to as Afrikans by others and themselves.
The phenomenon of self-inflicted genocide, what Cornel West calls the "nihilistic threat" (West, 1993, Chapter 1), is pervasive among young Afrikan American males in the urban centers of this nation, and presently is one of the most effective means of depopulating Afrikan American communities.