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Synonyms for Afrikaner

a white native of Cape Province who is a descendant of Dutch settlers and who speaks Afrikaans

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belonging or relating to white people of South Africa whose ancestors were Dutch or to their language


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One of the few works he acknowledges, Rian Malan's My Traitor's Heart, is a sensationalist account of a South Africa doomed to tribal warfare between the white Afrikaners and the black African tribes.
Stories of the Great Trek, of the circling of the wagons to defend against Dingaan, of the leadership of Pier Retief, of the brave death of young Dirkie Uys, who in April 1838 chose to stay with his dying father and face the Zulus when the rest of the surviving Boers fled, were central to an Afrikaner national identity in the late Victorian period, even for Afrikaners who were not Boers, or up-country farmers, and who lived in the cities of the Cape rather than the republics.
Ten eerste, schrijft hij, zullen deze "smaakvolle" verhalen ook die Afrikaners tot lezen aanzetten "wat daarin nog niks anders kan sien nie as 'n nuttelose verspilling van kragte en van tyd" (Jansen, 1919:3).
When Naude celebrated his 80th birthday, Mandela told the gathering, "Beyers Naude became an outcast amongst the Afrikaners, amongst many whites, and amongst the church that he loved.
Muller states that "[t]hrough the FAK, the Broederbond attempted to get Afrikaners to close their ranks around a shared past in order to be better prepared to face up to present dangers" (Muller 1990: 556).
A formerly unknown Afrikaner extremist group has claimed responsibility for a series of bombings in the township of Soweto that killed one person.
Still, I expected some rural Afrikaners to blanch when I mentioned Australian soldiers, especially if I mentioned Breaker Morant and his crimes.
His Afrikaner father had responded a year before to his joining the African National Congress: "You are a traitor to the Afrikaner people.
A fringe group of heirs to swart gevaar paranoia call themselves "Boers" and feel that they have been sold out by Afrikaners which, atone level is ironic since the Afrikaner identity has always been extolled as divinely ordained and divinely favoured in Afrikaner Nationalist propaganda.
Also recounted are the many times the Afrikaners have been betrayed: stabbed in the back by the Dutch, the English, many of the native tribes, and eventually, by the entire free world at Afrikaners' most urgent hour of need.
Een van die verreikendste gevolge van apartheid was, dat dit oenskynlik 'n eenheidsgevoel aan Afrikaners gegee het.
Afrikaners, a unique ethnic group mainly descended from Dutch, German and French settlers to SA in the 17th and 18th centuries, suffer several disorders that occur at relatively high frequencies owing to founder gene effects.
For a long period of time, Verwoerd was part of governmental organisations that tackled the problem of poor white Afrikaners, who played second fiddle to the English population, then the dominant force in the economic landscape of South Africa.
After the Dakar Safari, many of this group of Afrikaners went on to visit both Ghana and Burkina Faso.
Mandela had bent over backwards to reassure whites - both Afrikaners and English speakers - that he bore no grudge.